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callsign age comment
VE3JJA 8d 17h27mSioux Narrows ON IRLP Node 2015 {UIV32N}
VE3KSR 14m51sW2,SONTn
VE3BAY 25m54s
VE3DVQ 34sW2,ON2 Lavant Wide Area digi(
VE3AA 1h13mW3,NONTn - Timmins -
VE3XZT-9 11d 13h27m
VE3UPS 6d 1h38mW2,SONTn - Parry Sound ON
VE3YAP 4m55sW2,SONTn,IGate -
VE3TEJ 14m19s{UIV32N}
VE3IWJ 42sW2,ON2 Brockville Wide digi
VE3KYO 1h51mDunnville Ont.
VE3EP 32m40s
VE3WCC-1 17sAbusive PATHs blocked. See
VE3KFK 1m24sCanWarn Station.TCP/IP Gate and LOCAL WX
VE3UIL 7mSmiths Falls Store and FWD {UIV32}
VE3ZAP 8m34sW2,SONTn,Dufferin ARES
VE3NDB 2m30sStoney Creek Ont.
VE3RMU 19m1sW3,NWO
VE3SNE-3 136d 23h52mNew computer {UIV32N}
VE3FFR-9 3d 19h6mKwd D710a
VE3RLC 13m21s12.4V 22C
VE3IUO 9d 8h4mLawson Park Campground {UIV32N}
VE3KHV 24m29s/ Campbellford, Ontario - Bay Meadows {UIV32N}
VE3ST-10 6d 15h36m
VE3YDN-7 30d 13h29mDHC-2T / MkIII
VE3TEJ-15 16h52m
VE3EP-9 14h24m
VE3JGL-14 32d 10h24m73 DE LUC !
VE3DRY 33m33sW3,NWO Dryden 147.255+ Linked
VE3UIX-9 3d 13h36m147.060MHz Monitoring this frequency
VE3JJA-14 8d 20h9m
VE3SEP 3d 19h29m
VE3KYO-9 19d 19h30mTinyTrak3
VE3BSM-9 352d (scanning)
VE3FYN-7 2d 13h1mAll is good.
VE3WFR-1 1m16s
VE3PZ-9 15h12m
VE3CTP 15m6sUI-View -APRS IGate -Windsor,On
VE3KHV-9 15d 22h15mRVZ TT3RTG
VE3VBC-9 15h5m
VE3JJV-9 244d 17h46m"Ÿ<}
VE3UJK 5d 14h33mJohn in Wyevale {UIV32N}
VE3XZT-7 290d 9h26mDale in Almonte
VE3VAI-7 82d 8h54m
VE3VWD-15 10h4m
VE3NEC 215d 13h45mJohn at Home - {UIV32N}
VE3CVG 8m24sFWX/WX Report
VE3CGR-4 10d 22h15mAPRX fill in Digi & iGate
VE3ID-9 7d 19h37m13.7V 22C EPE033 VE3ID OT2 QSX VE3RPT 147.06 1286.0 224.86 444.400 145.41
VE3SLM-14 6d 19h9m(FIRST)Dave in the truck
VE3BSB-9 19h51m442.200MHz
VE3YUF-5 6m19sColborne IGATE/Digi
VE3EQP-14 15h14m
VE3OYJ-9 18d 20h53mlistening on 146.520
VE3JJA-9 3d 16h52m147.030MHz Toff -060
VE3IGJ-9 50d 20h51m
VE3EI 1d 12h37m
VE3UR-9 12h28m146.985MHz
VE3OIC 14d 21h47mEric APRS via DVDongle
VE3WA 83d 17h5m
VE3WRC-1 12m34sSPRARC Club Station Digi {UIV32N}
VE3UIL-10 15d 5h59m145.010MHz 1200 R10m Winlink Gateway
VE3LCA-1 17m7sW-1,ON2 Lanark North Leeds ARES INC.
VE3DWI-1 6d 17h56m
VE3FYN-1 19m51sI-Gate, Atikokan {UIV32N}
VE3GZD 273d 19h4mAGWtracker
VE3RRR/R 1d 8h54mVE3RRR Repeater on 145.470 MHZ.
VE3CJG-9 20h
VE3YYZ A 9m40s1.2 Voice 1287.5000 -12 MHz
VE3YYZ AD 9m40s1.2 Data 1250.000
VE3YYZ C 9m40s2m Voice 144.9400 +0.600 MHz
VE3YYZ B 9m40s440 Voice 442.7000 +5.00 MHz
VE3YYZ-A 9m55s1.2 Voice 1287.5000 -12 MHz
VE3YYZ-B 9m55s440 Voice 442.7000 +5.00 MHz
VE3YYZ-C 9m55s2m Voice 144.9400 +0.600 MHz
VE3DPJ-9 75d 14h57mout and about
VE3JJA-1 58d 13h6m145.170MHz Toff -060
VE3WFD 245d 9h5mDon in Windsor
VE3DPJ 43d 10h39m{UIV32N}
VE3FLO 2m1s
VE3III 230d 13h58mSPRARC Repeater -- CANWARN & IRLP 2202
VE3VY-10 165d 20h48m145.070MHz 1200 R5m Public Winlink Gateway[c0
VE3BVC-1 298d 22h22mtupman lake
VE3MUS-10 263d 19h40m430.550MHz 19200 R31m Public Winlink Gateway
VE3ELX 3d 17h26mTinyTrak 4 a.67
VE3OYJ 216d 22h28mXASTIR-Linux
VE3KCR 6m31sW2,SONTn,Chatham -
VE3IE 218d 9h53m{UIV32N}
VE3RSB-1 356d 20h27mVE3RSB-IRLP 147.210 t=131.8
VE3VGP-9 3d 12h34mBicycle mobile
VE3TVX-9 8h49mM:146.520
VE3DMJ 10m31s>FN15IV - Mike in Petawawa {UIV32N}
VE3VGI-10 319d 20h13m145.070MHz 1200 R5m Public Winlink Gateway
VE3WFD-9 49d 12h8mDon monitoring Voice Alert
VE3QWB 22d 7h47m
VE3SKH-7 17d 18h41mback on the air!
VE3FLO-9 10d 21h32m
VE3ZO-9 10h22mscanning ve3zo
VE3JJA-7 10d 23h42mHandheld
VE3OW 7d 21h1mBCRC/SPRARC Field Day. EN82mf, 5A ONS
VE3MAF-9 7d
VE3RTR C 2m28s2m Voice 146.89500MHz -0.6000MHz
VE3RPT-B 10m3s440 Voice 443.22500MHz +5.0000MHz
VE3GON-9 11h14m
VE3TTT B 18m57s440 Voice 442.300 +5.00 MHz
VE3RBK 46s12.7V 18C
VE3TTT-B 18m57s440 Voice 442.300 +5.00 MHz
VE3FQH 56d 11h6mWinAPRS 2.8.5 -ONTHULONGLAC -285-<630>
VE3RXR C 10m19s2m Voice 145.310 -0.600 MHz
VE3FYN-10 190d 17h28mAndroid APRS
VE3BSB-7 194d 12h44m
VE3RRP-1 12m22sGorham Twnshp W2-2 Digipeater WLNK-1
VE3RXR-C 10m20s2m Voice 145.310 -0.600 MHz
VE3RAG 25d 13h30m147.000+ T156.7
VE3MIS-10 29m30s144.970MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
VE3OAX-9 1d 13h24mÜxt}
VE3MCH-10 29m30s145.590MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
VE3XID-1 12m6sJim's NoteBook in Cornwall,ON {UIV32N}
VE3GQW 3m56sBob in Pt. Alexander {UIV32N}
VE3YRA 8m19sYRARC Field Day Site. Al's Tack Shop June 27/28.
VE3RFI 23m27s443.250 mhz PL151.4 Echolink node 327534
VE3WVA 23d 19h15mRusty Manitoulin Is
VE3GIF-9 12h32m147.120MHz Driving around in the Impal
VE3UR 85d 20h23mSJA Conference
VE3TGH-9 118d 11h38mHome
VE3GIF 13m36s147.120MHz New Davis Vantage Pro 2!!!
VE3VAI-10 13d 12h28m145.010MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
VE3RPT-C 10m23s2m Voice 145.25000MHz -0.6000MHz
VE3FRB-9 4d 20h29m
VE3BIK-10 61d 23h51m
VE3GVJ-9 321d 20h32mGREGS HONDA
VE3LSR B 11m1s440 Voice 444.35000MHz +5.0000MHz
VE3LSR C 2m10s2m Voice 145.190 -0.600 MHz
VE3LTI-1 20m12sW1-1
VE3TEJ-1 221d 15h39m
VE3HSV-10 263d 19h40m147.510MHz 1200 R27m Public Winlink Gateway
VE3VGJ-9 2d 14h46mTakin' it Easy
VE3UR-7 35d 14h3mQRP Portable
VE3RRP-9 1d 10h30m
VE3FQH-15 2d 17h5m
VE3IJI 135d 20h54m
VE3LSR-C 2m25s2m Voice 145.190 -0.600 MHz
VE3LSR-B 2m24s440 Voice 444.350 +5.00 MHz
VE3SJU-9 174d 23h2m146.52
VE3JGU 94d 15h42mXASTIR2.07_TT4
VE3AOR-1 3m13s.WD 10
VE3RXR B 10m19s440 Voice 442.050 +5.00 MHz
VE3RXR-B 10m20s440 Voice 442.050 +5.00 MHz
VE3GMG-9 71d 15h44mOn the Raod Again
VE3RRP-7 319d 12h33mapprox posit QRV YQT
VE3EOB 25d 13h45mFire Hall #1
VE3BGV 5m28sProbe Enabled/W2,SONT {UIV32N}
VE3DIZ-14 181d 18h6mTracker only
VE3WFR-9 10d 15h14mTinyTrak4 Alpha
VE3PKG-5 29m30s145.750MHz 1200 R20m Winlink Gateway
VE3EI-3 2h40m{UIV32N}
VE3YF 12m36s.WD 31
VE3XO 1d 1h9m.DsVP
VE3VGM-14 4d 9h32mMy New FTM-400
VE3LC-9 4s132/0(0/A>ŒÌÌ
VE3GZG-7 11d 18h10mEPE003
VE3RJS 1d 18h25mRoman
VE3HKO-9 23d 19h42m145.510MHz and Voice Alert
VE3LSG-9 1d 17h6mAPRS-IS for Win32
VE3RSD-C 14m31s2m FREE STAR* DV 147.5400 +0.00 MHz
VE3IBW-9 320d 1h3m147.225MHz Brian
VE3LSG 21h3mLost in thought-unfamiliar territory!
VE3GXW-5 19m38s.DsVP
VE3NYZ 304d 22h11mF.Jankovich,
VE3LDJ 2d 10h16mOn the ID-31
VE3YUI-8 3d 10h15mOn the road again...!
VE3CFS-9 13h37mTiny Track 4
VE3FAS 8m14s
VE3EI-9 14h39mTinyTrak3
VE3ZDA-15 3d 16mTinyTrak3
VE3CGR-6 2m5s.wview_5_21_7
VE3BGD 3m8s.WD 233
VE3MUM-9 14h50mTinyTrak4 Alpha
VE3LSR-4 6m34sjavAPRSIgate
VE3BLZ 6m21sW3,NONTn - Sudbury -
VE3ID-8 36d 18h27mAPRX v2.08 Deer Park Digi + RX iGate
VE3OYO 149d 15h25mBob in Casselman,On -145.410 tone123.0
VE3RNM-9 3d 14h32m
VE3GIF-10 35d 4h54m
VE3GXV 17mIhor in Mississauga. Leading today for tomorrow!!!
VE3IZS 174d 19h11m
VE3IJD Picnic Is. I-Gate {UIV32N}
VE3IJD-9 37d
VE3IZS-9 7d 19h41m146.730MHz T156 QTH near Elmwood, ONT
VE3NX-9 1d
VE3UO-7 34d 7h33mve3uo @ rac . ca
VE3KHR 79d 15h31m73' CAMBRIDGE,ONT.CA.
ve3ijd-2 19h35meCumulusFO
VE3ETU 285d 8h41mBack on UI-View {UIV32N}
VE3URU-B 11m40s70cm FREE STAR* DV 443.8125 +5.00 MHz
VE3ZEB-1 36s
VE3ZEB-9 1d 22h1m14.0V 17C EPE011
VE3YIO-9 36d
VE3NX 51d 21h146.940 or 146.730
VE3HJ-B 10d 17h6m70cm FREE STAR* DV 444.550 +5.00 MHz
VE3HMS 1m18s
VE3ADT 237d 23h25mVE3ADT Repeater @ 444.125 MHz PL 131.8 Hz
VE3BGD-9 20h8mVisit the Ontario Science Centre VE3OS
VE3ZUO-9 93d 13h22mBen in Ottawa, Ontario
VE3OYJ-7 105d 11h54mPL-100 Voice Alert.-
VE3WWD 11m19sDigi 443.075+DMR
VE3JDJ-9 1d 16h58m440.000MHz
VE3PGC-L 23sAllStar Link Node
VE3YYZ-R 39sAllStar Link Node
VE3EI-L 50sAllStar Link Node
VE3YDN 2d 12h25mOpenAPRS iPhone Edition
VE3LSG-7 29d 14h37mSomeone is afoot!
VE3OCC-9 5d 14h4m
VE3HZQ 48d 10h56m
VE3PEJ-7 337d 20h41mAll is good!
VE3JSJ-9 18h54mByonics RTG 50. My email is G@GEM.CA
VE3SLM-3 71d 20h3mDave at work
VE3SLM-1 62d 19h3mDave at home
VE3SNE-4 269d 14h52m
VE3ZEB 14m50s
VE3OKA-9 153d 13h19mRobert VE3OKA / VA3JM Mobile
VE3QSB-B 9m38s70cm FREE STAR* DV 442.000 +5.0 MHz
VE3ZO-7 218d 15h12mChris, from Windsor,ON
VE3WW-9 2d 18h6m
VE3PLF 4m54sW2, ON Fonthill, ON
VE3SPR 119d 9h53mAPRS Igate in Leamington. {UIV32N}
VE3XRA-9 20d 19h43m
VE3BVC-9 5d 19h34mON THE MOVE
VE3LPX-7 24d 11h13mAll is good!
VE3SQG-9 16d 17h43m146.730MHzCTS ROAMING
VE3YQK 221d 13h17mKenora, ON Local repeater 146.91-.
VE3WOM-L 55sAllStar 27219 Echolink 524540
VE3VFF-9 11h25m145.825MHz 73's de Bill - VE3VFF (EN82ne) -
VE3SNB-3 13s147.480 , 444.450, 53.450 PL100.0 {UIV32N}
VE3YTS-B 2d 8h26m440 Voice 444.40000MHz +5.0000MHz
VE3YTS-C 2d 8h27m2m Voice 145.67000MHz +0.0000MHz
VE3RHE 81d 13h45m73 de Robert -VE3RHE- via ISS
VE3OYJ-5 7d 2h1m
VE3JSJ-15 19h2mHF mobile
VE3MUN-2 23d 16h38mAdam- Chatham-Kent WWW.CKARC.CA
VE3ELX-1 139d 17h47m{UIV32N}
VE3DYY-9 2d 10h16m146.925 t131.8
VE3LKS-9 103d
VE3YTS B 2d 8h26m440 Voice 444.40000MHz +5.0000MHz
VE3SNT-3 17m18sBattery Power {UIV32N}
VE3MUN-3 8h6m13.1V 89F HDOP01.0 SATS10 Adam 147.120 Chatham-Kent
VE3OKA 190d 22h57m145.430MHz Robert VE3OKA
VE3UIL-6 19m52sSmiths Falls XR32 Node - (VE3UIL-6)
VE3HTU-9 10d 14h12m147.360MHz C131 +060
VE3GSI 7m12s.WD 31
VE3YTS C 2d 8h27m2m Voice 145.67000MHz +0.0000MHz
VE3JGL-10 83d 23h27m
VE3YQK-1 52s**Red Lake IGATE**
VE3JJX-7 11h37m
VE3SSV 1m13sRaspberry PI Rx-only iGate
VE3CYP-9 36d 19h18m
VE3YTS A 2d 8h27m1.2 Voice 1234.50000MHz +0.0000MHz
VE3YTS-A 2d 8h27m1.2 Voice 1234.50000MHz +0.0000MHz
VE3RCD 330d 14h40mOpenAPRS Mobile Edition
VE3OCC 117d 2m'matthew (|AC2C2GE-5,W2IDE2*Zfo"54}tirepubl 151.4=
VE3SVC 5m12sW2, ON2-N, Cornwall Digi
VE3RSD-B 14m31s70cm FREE STAR* DV 443.8125 +5.00 MHz
VE3YR-9 3d 19h47m
VE3MUS 2m20sW2,SONTn-n Dwight, ON
VE3LFP-9 347d 17h32m14.0V 27C
VE3OKS-5 93d 13h28m
VE3UIX-1 9m5sRob in Almonte Ontario
VE3TIR C 9m2m Voice 147.210 +0.600 MHz
VE3MCA-7 63d 14h59mHi from Marc & Hugo!
VE3TIR-C 9m14s2m Voice 147.210 +0.600 MHz
VE3TYG 111d 15h4m
VE3DMR-9 6d 15h13mAl - Ottawa -
VE3SSV-9 9h50m/TinyTrak4 Alpha
VE3EEE-7 6d 19h13m446.000
VE3EEE-12 104d 18h31mHere and there...
VE3UJK-9 18h18mP1
VE3EFF-C 83d 9h22m2m Voice 145.65000MHz +0.0000MHz
VE3LT-12 10d 7h7mDriving-will get back soon
VE3OCA-12 16h22mTinyTrak3
VE3MCA-5 2d 19h57mOff to Acid Lake...
VE3VAI-6 54d 20h33m
VE3TVI 23m31s146.805 PL151.4 Echolink node 327534
VE3VR-9 13h39m
VE3CGD-9 147d 22h22mOn the road again
VE3HTB-5 267d 18h8m
VE3HTR 28d 21h8m
About this site
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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