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This page shows APRS bulletin and announcement messages from the last 24 hours.

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Bulletins and announcements sent by stations within 500 km from your location
callsign ID message age
KA8YES-6 BLN SatGate West Virginia EN90ri 2m1s
Bulletins (BLN0 - BLN9)
callsign ID message age
9Z4RG-6 BLN0 APRS IGate 144.390MHz SGate 145.825MHz 8m9s
CX2SA-AB BLN1 ((((((( CX2SA - Salto Uruguay ))))))) http://www.cx2sa.org 15m30s
CX2SA-AB BLN2 CX2SA-EM APRS Email - Example> your@maildomain Hello World! 15m28s
CX2SA-AB BLN3 Send message to CX2SA-WI like: F callsign to WHO-IS info 15m26s
CX2SA-AB BLN4 ((( CX2SA-S1 ))) iGATE-APRS Network http://cx2sa.net/iaprs.html 15m24s
CX2SA-AB BLN5 The latest iGATE-APRS servers list at http://cx2sa.org/SERVERS.TXT 15m22s
DB0RVB BLN1 Thueringen Rundspruch jeden 3. Samstag um 18 Uhr 4h26m
DU1KG-2 BLN1 Heavy rain and thunderstorm in Tagaytay 18h5m
DW1YHO-5 BLN0 Starting June 1 to June 15, the following areas will be on GCQ 12h52m
DW1YHO-5 BLN1 NCR, Pangasinan, Albay, Davao 12h51m
DW1YHO-5 BLN2 R2: Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Viscaya, Quirino 12h50m
DW1YHO-5 BLN3 R3: Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and R4A. 12h49m
DY1P BLN1 DX0STAYHOME: DY1P APRS 10 Watts RF-IS-RF Digipeater 23m46s
DY1P BLN3 DX0STAYHOME COVID-19 Alert Level: Code RED, Level 2. ECQ EXTENDED APRIL 30! 23m16s
DY1P BLN4 COVID-19: Enhanced Community Quarantine in Effect. DX0STAYHOME 5m16s
F4IED-12 BLN0 Call signs (max=15) seen (direct=*) during last 30mn: 7 17m21s
F4IED-12 BLN1 F5MBF-4:1 F0GEX-0:1 F8KSM-3:2 F6KBS-3:2* F1TIT-0:1 F0EOS-9:4 F5IWE-0:2 16m55s
F4IED-12 BLN2 16m31s
F4IED-12 BLN3 - 16m5s
G6UIM BLN0 GB7UIM BBS active on 144.950 and telnet,www 49m47s
G6UIM BLN1 www.g6uim.org:8008 for www access 49m47s
IK8WEC-1 BLN1 test 11h38m
KD8TUT-10 BLN1 W8MAI Informal Social Net Saturday 9:00pm 146.820 - 88.5 PL 41m5s
KG4CWV BLN1 OK, now that the storm has passed we will be having our Orange 4h57m
KG4CWV BLN2 Co. ARES Net at 1900 hours. Please send check-ins to KG4CWV. 4h57m
KL7JFT-5 BLN1 South Central ARES net on 147.33 every Thursday at 2000 hrs 1h14m
KL7JFT-5 BLN2 Old Timers Net Mon-Friday 3920 at 1200 hrs 1h13m
KP4DMR BLN5 Hello to everyone here in Puerto Rico with APRS Gateway.73 ' 16m42s
PI1APA BLN1 PI1APA is the APRS digipeater and igate of Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). 1h59m
PI1APA BLN2 See http://www.pi1apa.nl for more news and (technical) information. 9h30m
PI1APA BLN3 Please QSL via sysop PE2CJ. QSL is appreciated! 5h45m
PI1APA-1 BLN0 Normal levels of radioactivity. [JO22xe] (22 CPM) 1h13m
PI1APA-1 BLN1 Note! Telemetry station is being developed! Build: 2020040901 58m14s
PP5ITT-10 BLN0 [bot test] Previna-se contra a COVID-19: Mantenha 144 MHz de distancia. 12m14s
PU5KOD-5 BLN0 O APRS e um sistema de comunicacao, NAO UM RASTREADOR VEICULAR!!! 2h19m
PU5KOD-5 BLN1 Daniel K. (47)9.9105-5000 | pu5kod@qsl.net / Mafra - SC 2h19m
PU5VEL-15 BLN2 5 CORPDEC 2h39m
PY5BK BLN1 Equipamentos e Projetos de APRS - http://www.bitbaru.com 4h32m
PY5BK BLN2 (Online APRS Tools) http://aprs.club 4h32m
SM5RVH-1 BLN0 SK5BN trafiknat varje Sondag kl 20:30 145,600 43m11s
SR5ZBL BLN4 #zostanwdomu - do uslyszenia na pasmach 73! 7m10s
SR5ZBL-2 BLN4 #zostanwdomu - do uslyszenia na pasmach 73! 7m10s
SR8NPG-1 BLN1 Witaj we Wlodawie, milego pobytu. Zapraszamy na SR8WD 438.975MHz 59s
VE7VIC-15 BLN1 Net Mondays 19:00 146.840- T100.0 50m18s
W0CHP-10 BLN0 W0CHP-10 US weather forecast via APRS message. 1h29m
W0CHP-10 BLN1 Send a message to W0CHP-10 for a weather forecast at your location. 1h29m
W0CHP-10 BLN2 Many more commands available...use 'help' 1h29m
W0PHX BLN0 TUES NET 8PM 147.195+ pl151.4 38m36s
W0PHX BLN1 SUN NET 8PM 147.195+ PL151.4 43m6s
WA1GOV-10 BLN0 APRS to Twitter Gateway-Send an APRS message to WA1GOV-10 5h18m
WA1GOV-10 BLN1 Your call and message will appear as a tweet from @wa1gov 5h18m
WA1GOV-10 BLN2 Share your US WX forecast on Twitter-Send WXBOT to WA1GOV-10 5h18m
WA1GOV-10 BLN3 Get the next SATELLITE pass prediction for your QTH! 5h18m
WA1GOV-10 BLN4 Send an APRS message to WA1GOV-10 with a single uppercase 5h18m
WA1GOV-10 BLN5 SAT entry! See list: https://www.qrz.com/db/WA1GOV 5h18m
WXBOT BLN0 WxBot 1.29 US weather forecast via APRS message. 1h15m
WXBOT BLN1 Send a message to WXBOT for a weather forecast at your location. 1h15m
WXBOT BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 1h15m
WXSVR-AU BLN0 WxSvr 1.00 AU weather forecast via APRS message. 2h26m
WXSVR-AU BLN1 Send a message to WXSVR-AU for a weather forecast at your location. 2h26m
WXSVR-AU BLN2 see http://wxsvr.mmckernan.id.au for more info 2h26m
WXYO BLN0 WxBot 1.22 RO weather forecast via APRS message. 33m24s
WXYO BLN1 Send a message to WXYO for a weather forecast at your location. 33m24s
WXYO BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 33m24s
Announcements (BLNA - BLNZ)
callsign ID message age
VK5RHO-1 BLNB Join the Email Group aprs.net.au/mailman/listinfo/ozaprs 15m31s
VK5RSC-1 BLNA Info/Help on APRS in Sth Aust at http://vk5.aprs.net.au 12m10s
Other groups
callsign ID message age
4X6UB-11 BLN1BALON changed state to ground 13h30m
DB0TGO-14 BLN4WXTXL WX in Berlin-Tegel, Germany at 20:50z: 13C, 58% Hum., Wind 2.2m/s 30 deg. (NNE) 7h53m
DB0TGO-15 BLN0MOWA0 Barnim: Warn-App NINA - Nur im Notfall Informationen moeglich. Quelle: MOWAS 19m7s
DB0TGO-15 BLN0MOWA1 Uckermark: Kreisverwaltung weiterhin fuer den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen - Buergertelefon mit geaenderten Zeiten. Quelle: MOWAS 11m41s
DB0TGO-15 BLN1WBBAR Waldbrandgefahrenstufe 4 fuer LK Barnim. Quelle: mlul.brandenburg.de 9h43m
DB0TGO-15 BLN4WXTXL WX in Berlin-Tegel, Germany at 04:20z: 10C, 76% Hum., Wind 1.3m/s 50 deg. (NE) 10m4s
EA8CDT-5 BLN-1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> www.qsl.net\ea8cdt 8h51m
F8ARO-AB BLN1FRA CQ serveur APRS-IS 7h45m
F8ARO-AB BLN2FRA Envoyer [To] CQSRVR-FR [Text] cq groupe 7h45m
F8ARO-AB BLN3FRA Message APRS @-mail 7h45m
F8ARO-AB BLN4FRA Envoyer [To] MAIL-FR [Text] utilisateur@exemple.com message 7h45m
F8ARO-AB BLN5FRA Annuaire QRZ.com 7h45m
F8ARO-AB BLN6FRA Envoyer [To] QUI-FR [Text] f indicatif 7h45m
F8ARO-AB BLN7FRA F6KAT Club Mtg 15h Mardi Vendredi Net ER-F1ZSJ 439.150MHz c071 -760 7h44m
IZ6RDB BLNEMAREN Adriatico Settentrionale: Previsti isolati temporali con colpi di v 9h22m
IZ6RDB BLNFMAREN Adriatico Settentrionale: nto. 2h21m
KC1KKT-3 BLN0GOBCH Market Price: BTC: $9515.51 BCH: $240.91 31m55s
KC1KKT-3 BLN1GOBCH Market Change: BTC: 3.91% BCH: 4.27% 30m53s
KC1KKT-3 BLN2GOBCH Median Fees: BTC: $1.5149 BCH: $0.001 29m53s
KC7MG-9 BLN Hello from Jack in grid DM42 Arizona 6h23m
LX0APN-2 BLNALUX XLX270 Reflector https://xlx270.epf.lu/ 13m12s
LX0KA-10 BLNALUX (ADRAD)Monatlech Versammlung vun der ADRAD Kayldall ass Viraussiichtlech ufangs Sep 12m17s
LX1CU-13 BLNALUX XLX Reflector goes DMR https://xlx270.epf.lu/ 22m26s
LX6K-10 BLNALUX XLX270 B >< BM TG27062 , You can reach us ,73 1h47m
NEUTBA BLN1SYDWX Sydney Forcast 29th 19C Shower or two. 45m28s
NEUTBA BLN2SYDTD Tide M, Vis 10Km, Cloud 01 Okt, Air Qual , UV idx 0.8 47m21s
OE5RPP BLN 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter 12h28m
OE5RPP-1 BLN 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter 12h26m
PU5KOD-5 BLN Grave estiagem no Parana. Faca sua parte, economize! 2h16m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX06 210724+0000 - Update: Newmarket - Georgina - Northern York Region - 7h45m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX06 special weather statement ended 7h45m
VR2ZDX-10 BLN0HKG There are no warnings in force 5h8m
YM2KY-1 BLN1LOCAL Keep your distance Be safe, 73 from Sakarya TURKEY 1m27s
YM2KY-1 BLN2LOCAL Save lives, stay at home! / Hayat kurtar, evde kal ! 13m22s
YM5KMS BLN2LOCAL Save lives, stay at home! / Hayat kurtar, evde kal! 6m3s
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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