aprs.fi user accounts

This section of the aprs.fi user guide describes aprs.fi user accounts and common tasks related to them.

An user account is needed to use some specific functions of this web service. It is not needed for viewing any of the site contents, but when you wish to upload something to the site or use the API, the site needs a way to identify you and associate you with the uploaded data.

Creating an user account

Sign up for an account using your email address.

Please do not reuse passwords. When aprs.fi asks you to choose a new password, please pick a new one that you only use on aprs.fi. aprs.fi does not need to know the password you use for email or banking.

If you're a licensed amateur radio operator, enter your plain callsign in the callsign field, without any SSID (-9, -14). SSIDs are entered later when setting up web stations, if necessary.

After filling up the form, aprs.fi will send you an email containing a unique link which you'll need to click to activate the account. This procedure confirms that you have access to that email address. The email should normally appear in your inbox in a few minutes – if it doesn't, please check your Junk / Spam folder. Sometimes spam filters have their false positives.

Forgot the password?

Use the reset password feature.

Resetting the password is only possible if you can read email at the address you've previously used when signing up. If you no longer have access to that email, simply create a new account.

Changing the callsign or nickname

You can edit the callsign in the My account view.

If you have created web stations and uploaded positions already, you can edit those stations to have the new callsign in the My stations view, under the My web stations heading.

Changing your email address

Unfortunately aprs.fi does not support changing the email address associated with the account quite yet. Please create a new user account using the new address, and delete the previous one in the My account view.

aprs.fi user guide