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This page displays positions on a static map. It is designed to provide maximum compatibility with mobile devices and old browsers. The map does not update automatically. Please reload the page to get an updated view. This view supports looking up multiple comma-separated callsigns. Example: Rautauoma,OH2RDK
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Found more than 300 targets - showing only 300 here:

callsign age comment
N9MEA-12 333d 12h42m(N9MEA-12 W3,WIn SAYNER,WI UIDIGI 1.9B3)1
N9QIP-4 57d 4h45m(N9QIP-4 W3,WIn Tomah,WI UIDIGI 1.9B3) 1
N9LYA-3 5m30s/MITWXN Mitchell IN N9LYA-3 KINMITCH1 Weather Station (linBPQ)
N9UT-10 197d 18h14mW-R-T-IN Washington
N9QIP-10 1m5s(N9QIP-10 W3,WIn Baraboo UIDIGI 1.9B3) 1
N9VPV 1m25s.DsVP
N9DRW 19m17s.WD 10
N9QIP 1m14s.WD 10
N9UMJ-10 10m10sHuron Digi 13.7V 62.2F/16.8C
N9QIP-6 2m51s(N9QIP-6 W3,WIn Hollandale UIDIGI 1.9B3) 2
N9NMH 2m24sMatt's Station in Custer, WI {UIV32N}
N9QIP-5 23m34sAPRS-IS for Win32
N9ZIP 18h28mFT-1D via MMDVM
N9MEA-10 8m41sN9MEA-10 W3,WIn IRMA, WI UIDIGI 1.9B3
N9MEA-11 7m4s(N9MEA-11 W3,WIn STEVENS POINT, WI) 1
N9QIP-12 4m16s(N9QIP-12 W3,WIn OCONTO FALLS)
N9QIP-11 17s(N9QIP-1 W3,WIn Edgerton UIDIGI 1.9B3) 2
N9ROY-10 15m13s(N9ROY-10 W3,WIn NECEDAH UIDIGI 1.9B3) 2
N9XTN 4m11sRasPi TNC-Pi
N9CEB 24m5sAPRS-IS for Win32
N9UMJ-15 349d 9h31mSouthern Indiana
N9ZGE 2d 9h51m
N9NMH-2 25d 15h47mMatt on internet or in the Truck {UIV32N}
N9LOE 6d 12h42m
N9NMH-9 4h17m147.57 or 145.37 (114.8)
N9CEB-9 120d 11h41mD700A
N9AMN 17d 14h23mINDY MOBILE -247-<630>
N9OQW 18m27sW2, ILn
N9PBJ 32d 2h5m
N9QIP-1 117d 12h46mLBH 1
N9HWO 15m7sFulton County Wide-Area Digi/Igate {UIV32N}
N9MEA-8 107d 10h43mN9MEA-8 W3,WIn LILY, WI UIDIGI 1.9B3
N9PE-2 1h28m146.94MHZ-T103 R25M NET-Tu9P Mtg-4tW7P
N9JN-10 339d 2h45m145.010MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
N9PUZ-10 15m14s145.610MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
N9LOH-10 307d 9h20m145.610MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
N9UDO 6swV2_WX in Baraboo {UIV32N}
N9GKE-1 47s/ {UIV32N}
N9VE-10 356d 12h38m145.610MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
N92578 4d 7h44mWB5RXA
N9FSE 9d 12h59mThink Snow
N9QIP-7 8m44s(N9QIP-7 W3,WIn Watertown UIDIGI 1.9B3) 1
N9JY-1 17sFill-in/IGate PSJ
N9AMN-3 16m32sINDIANA DIGI use INn-n
N929EH 9d 4h53mKE7YVP
N991RV 9h31mKE7YYE
N9JY-9 3d 10h58m
N9MRC-9 28d 6h43mMobile TM-D710
N9NIC-7 18h20mDIAMOND in the ROUGH 146.52
N9KB-11 8d 11h14m14.6V HDOP02.4 SATS04 In Service
N9NIC-9 52d 6h23m146.520MHzTIPTON POWWOW
N9TV-7 106d 14h16m
N9LKH-1 6m5s13.7V 81F
N9VOB-9 219d 4h24m
N9QIP-9 6m39s(N9QIP-9 W3,WIn Galesville UIDIGI 1.9B3) 2
N9ZKS-10 132d 10h26mBow Tie Hauler
N996PJ 50d 9h49mW4JEC
N9UAX 1h2meWUHU21623XXSP.
N9QCL 59d 17h56m
N9MOX 14m15s
N9CXI 4m13sWeatherCatV244B2H31
N9AZZ 1m47sFlip's D700
N9FEB-9 2d 11h57m
N9RIM 11m3sHG62644/IGATE/DIGI Campbell, NY {UIV32N}
N9NMH-5 23d 6h26mMatt on iPhone -
N9LCK-1 199d 10h43m
N9LCK-7 101d 17h
N9PBY-2 1m15seCumulusDsVP
N9RIM-9 13d 14h40m
N9ROY-6 2m52s(N9ROY-6 W3,WIn Wis Dells UIDIGI 1.9B3) 2
N994W 9d 10h15mkm2k
N9UJH-2 1m39seCumulusDsVP
N9LTQ-9 66d 10h2m146.520MHz
N9AGT-9 8h2m
N9CLE-7 18d 10h17m
N957RV-7 10d 9h15mKD5FBX
N9CXI-9 201d 4h54mAPRS-IS
N9ENR 9d 11h10m
N914E 131d 10h56mKD8NTN (RV-7A)
N9NYC-9 8h12mmonitor 146 52
N9UDO-M 6d 16h27m
N9QIP-2 3d 7h34mLen's Silver Bullet LBH-2
N962MC 3d 3h36mAI7MC
N9IHX 3m1s
N9VT 48d 8h57m
N9PBJ-7 82d
N9RPE 2d 16h47mRick Bloomington il
N9ETH-9 320d 6h26mEN Route
N9VHT-1 7h10m12.5V EPE014 Profile 2
N9LVS-9 13d 15h1mI would rather be flying
N9GF 9m47s
N9DS 39m38sDuston, Maxwell Twp, Sangamon Cty {UIV32N}
N91RV 9d 14h24mW3MES
N9598U 262d 10h45mN5TRI
N9825W 16d 7h20mKK4CUK MattÆs Cozy
N9ZJ-7 59d 3h22m
N9QCL-9 22d 9h38m145.270MHz<<<< Currently Monitoring
N9ROY-11 3m1s(N9ROY-11 W3,WIn BRFALLS UIDIGI 1.9B3) 2
N9VOB-10 247d 14h28m147.240MHz C173 +060 & V-Alert
N9JNK-10 13d 9h56m145.610MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
N9GPY-1 9m33sIgate and Digi Culver In
N9IP-2 316d 16h56m
N9RJM 3d 10h2m{UIV32N}
N9LQP-2 15m50sW2, INn-N, DecCoDigi
N9PMO-9 16m8sBPQ32 Igate V
N9JA 2d 16h16m
N9QE 2hopenSPOT 439.0000/439.0000 CC1
N9KY-7 81d 4h29m
N9LOH-2 248d 5h1m(APRS DIGI UIDIGI 1.9B3 N9LOH-2 Elkhorn WI) 2
N9GIA 2d 20h25m
N9MXQ-7 121d 7h44mGene in the Pickup !SN!
N946PM 324d 12h11mKE7WPB
N9RIM-2 4h11m/Campbell, NY WX {UIV32N}
N9YCR 5d 15h10m
N9ISN 10m24s
N9HV-9 2d 11h37m
N9ZE-9 54d 10h3mvia APRS TX for iOS
N9ZE-10 16m57sRasPi RX iGate/DireWolf 1.2
N9IAT-9 4h59m!CW2018!
N9OEW 45d 47mHello Family and Friends. Be Safe!
N9ROY-13 7m9s(N9ROY-13 W3,WIn SPARTA UIDIGI 1.9B3) 1
N9RFA-9 11d 12h52m
N9JWI-10 15m14s145.610MHz 1200 R5m Winlink Gateway
N9BQ-11 252d 10h26m
N9MEC-10 15m14s145.670MHz 1200 R8m Winlink Gateway
N9NWS-7 1d 6h37m51AE
N9MJN-7 233d 8h1mn9mjn@aol
N9CVA-9 11h5m444.200/67.0
N9XPZ-9 10d 10h44m146.520MHz My Monitoring Frequency
N93WS 9d 10h46m
N9MXT 5m27sAPRS-IS for Win32
N9CVA-10 2s
N9VFL-7 173d 9h57mStatus OK.
N9SJA-9 120d 7h48m
N9GSU-5 212d 4h38m
N9NYA 34d 9h57m
N9WWR-14 37d 9h
N9XH-4 99d PCARA Check In Net - Mondays 147.195 110.9plΏα
N93461 7h45mKK5AOK
N9SBY-5 357d 48mSX 146.580
N9OJR-9 354d 4h52m
N903EN 272d 1h17mWB5EHB
N9IP-3 30m11sN9IP/VE7 N9IP/VY1
N9ROY-7 5m38s(N9ROY-7 W3,WIn JUNEAU CO.UIDIGI 1.9B3)1
N9YMC-10 37d 13h21mAPRS Mobile
N9NLC-9 2h35m
N9XGJ-7 67d 7h24m
N9NWS 18h4mTHE KING OF DIGITAL 446.5000/446.5000 CC1
N9UOM 41d 21hHello from Oakdale, WI 146.805 PL131.8
N9NWS-B 17m54s440 Voice 441.20000MHz +0.0000MHz
N9JFR 2m51sAPRS-IS for Win32
N9MEC-1 3d 14h9m12.8V 47F HDOP01.1 SATS07Steve
N9IZ-9 227d 16h22m146.760MHz
N9VKT 227d 10h13m
N9NMR-15 276d 3h13mCarl -
N9VT-7 359d 15h30m
N9UX-9 58d 7h36m
N9ZMO-7 30d 12h25m
N9LEM-10 88d 10h3mVisit {UIV32N}
N9IAT-7 251d 9h54m!cw2017!
N9GZK C 6h54m2m Voice 144.32000MHz +0.0000MHz
N9GZK-C 6h53m2m Voice 144.32000MHz +0.0000MHz
N9LMZ-5 346d 13h3m
N9JFG 146d 11h8mN9JFG
N9WFD 10m3s
N9LSF-9 2h36m
N9MRI-9 278d 23h30mWarrenville IL
N910EN 3d 11h7mWB5EHB
N9UX 66d 13h33m
N9EM 13h4mNear Int 90
N9EM-5 1sMadison Isthmus
N9PZR-7 2h32m
N9PZR 24d 3h39mopenSPOT 441.0000/441.0000 CC1
N9UOM-9 25d 4h57mOn 146.52 or local Rpt
N9AIL 41d 5h4m
N9OKI 10m53s.DsIP
N9UPC-9 4d 16h5mopenSPOT 442.2250/442.2250 CC1
N9TV 118d 8h38mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 445.3200/445.3200 CC1
N9GKE 22d 5h27m
N9MXT-9 2d 7h22m
N9PZR-10 4m43siGate in Oshkosh WI
N9ETH 7d 3h40m147.180MHz T127 +060DIGI1
N9MJ-10 46d 5h25mU2APRS
N9NLP-9 6h11m
N9BIG-8 326d 4h52m
N912EN 1d 6h44mWB5EHB
N9OWQ-9 12d 35mWeather spotting?
N9NMH-7 4h46m
N9BA-9 13d 6h54m443.250MHz T100 +500 N9BA@QSL.NET
N9FLX 41d 3h31mINDy (KPC ver.5.2) <LX-1>
N9KOJ 21d 11h57mMMDVM ZUMspot 445.6700/445.6700 CC1
N9NMH-3 17h44mOn my ID-51A+ D'APRS
N9IEW-1 2h5mHuntington Digi North
N9SIR-9 321d 7h11m
N9GZK-9 9d 7h24m
N9WEW-9 77d 12h48m146.520MHz JOSH
N9KNY-10 128d 5h26m
N9GZK-1 3d 3h35m
N9XP-9 11m4s
N9NMR-9 5d 10h21mRed Cross-145.130
N9HQ-9 79d 12h54mKen, West Chicago, Illinois, Red Ford Escape
N9KWZ 142d 15h4m{UIV32N}
N9PBD 18m32sMMDVM ZUMspot 445.9250/445.9250 CC1
N9PBD-7 52d 6h41mGreg's FT1DR
N9PBJ-8 66d 6h48m
N9CRO-7 9d - My QRZ.............
N9SIR-1 7m19sSatGate
N9QO-4 15d 11h27mMonitor: 146.52Ø
N9MXQ 198d 12h58mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 446.6250/446.6250 CC1
N9SQB 73d 7h10miGate in West Bend, WI
N9KZA-9 1d 6h40m146.920MHz
N9XTN-3 1m56s
N9KNY-14 16d 5h7m!SN!
N9PBD-9 234d 7h17m
N9KVX-7 11d 17h54m
N95HW 10d 8h55mWJ9IU
N9PBD-15 8m47sPLXDigi Power=13.3V -Shiloh IL digipeater
N9NTM-7 107d 8h1m
N9AOT-9 5h7m445.750MHz
N9VPR-13 226d 8h55mAPRSWXBox Test 2.0
N9MOX-10 159d 8h53m145.330MHz
N9UMJ-5 299d 16h22m
N9CVA-7 240d 12h36m
N9IPA 10d 8h45m444.400MHz Toff +500 Keith's FTM-400
N9NCK-1 22d 4h55m
N9IPA-9 1d 11h51m146.520MHz Keith's mobile
N9VAO-9 26d 2h6mMMDVM DVMega 445.5625/445.5625 CC1
N911EN 7h30mWB5EHB
N9QO-1 1m45sWX3in1Plus2.0 U=13.5V,T=??.?C
N9LXP 314d 1h26mde David
N9ZE-7 55d 3h37m
N9VJW 6m5sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 435.0000/435.0000 CC9
N9BSW 32d 2h21m
N9JWI-8 12h48m
N9LOE-8 15d 13h37m
N9KO-C 5d 6h12m440 Voice 437.00000MHz +0.0000MHz
N9IUI-9 5h16m442.650
N9JWI-2 66d 13h45mRMSwinlink station
N9TDE-10 180d 18h19mAPRS-IS for Win32
N9NLC-7 80d 13h17m
N9XTN-12 149d 11h19m07.9V 20C HDOP01.0 SATS09 Twitter:@N9XTN
N912KH 30d 10h33mAF6ZD
N9DKO-13 326d 54mOn the road again...
N9KFW-9 324d 7h10m
N9NWT-9 17h43mBoiler up! Commercial airline pilot
N9VDQ-4 28d 4h25mAPRSpro for iOS 3.30V@78% hE<5m Oswego N9VDQ-7
N904EN 15d 9h31mWB5EHB
N9VDQ-9 28d 6h23mOn the road
N9HQ-10 168d 15h6m
N9PBJ-5 8d 10h14m
N9VOB-7 247d 14h21m
N9ZGE-15 16d 11h2mSCS Tracker
N9RBE-9 75d 13h8m
N9UMJ-13 360d 4h21mBuddha Near Space Flight Center
N9XTN-11 59d 8h2m3D7Sats Batt=7.8 IAT=33.1 Press=972.3 ArduinoTrack Flex
N9UMJ-7 9m45s145.050Mhz LinBPQ
N9DEZ-1 40d 5h24mAPRS-IS for Win32
N901EN 12d 3h35mWB5EHB
N9QVQ-9 5h27m
N9QVQ-13 1m14s.WD 31
N9KVX-5 6d 4h58m
N9QIE-11 151d 9h32m,StrTrk,41C,1.62V,9,376
N9DS-8 6h15m444.40. Temp 82F
N9ASA-3 23d 11h27m146.820MHz T127 -060
N9CQQ-7 136d 7h22m
N9XTN-6 78d 13h9m
N9IPA-7 32d 11h45m
N9ZKP-5 157d 11h49mvia APRS TX for iOS
N9JPG-9 135d 17h39mtour de cure sag 11
N9LEM-9 309d 1h11m145.310MHz
N9GF-2 184d 5h4mAPRS Mobile
N9YNG-7 23d 12h57m
N9HV-5 164d 13h29mOpenAPRS iPhone Edition
N9TCG 171d 11hAPRSpro for iOS 3.80V@100% hE<5m Muncie
N9PT-7 118d 22h6m
N9QWR-7 47d 11h27m
N91ZF 359d 8h54m
N9SQB-5 158d 11h19m
N9HDO-10 44d 14h5m
N9DS-10 107d 8h43m444.400MHz
N9EDB-3 50d 12h21m
N9TV-9 82d 19h1m
N9DEZ-5 250d 9h2m000751/000On the move.
N9DEZ-2 54d 3h39mAPRS-IS on Laptop
N9GSU 162d 12h11m
N9IEW-9 1d 6h4mWhich way did he go ?
N9MTF 8m44sWelcome to HoosierDMR 442.6375/447.6375 CC1
N9EDB-8 199d 12h31mN9EDB
N9317 6d 8h6mK6SBZ
N9UPC-7 91d 13h27m145.490MHz C110 -060 GEARED FOR YAESU SYSTEM FUSION
N9PBJ B 336d 4h2m440 Voice 444.81250MHz +0.0000MHz
About this site
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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