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This page shows APRS bulletin and announcement messages from the last 24 hours.

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Bulletins and announcements sent by stations within 500 km from your location
callsign ID message age
KB3KBR-11 BLN-1 test 4h23m
Bulletins (BLN0 - BLN9)
callsign ID message age
9Z4RG-6 BLN0 APRS IGate 144.390MHz SGate 145.825MHz 28s
CX2SA-AB BLN1 ((((((( CX2SA - Salto Uruguay ))))))) http://www.cx2sa.org 12m4s
CX2SA-AB BLN2 CX2SA-EM APRS Email - Example> your@maildomain Hello World! 12m2s
CX2SA-AB BLN3 Send message to CX2SA-WI like: F callsign to WHO-IS info 12m
CX2SA-AB BLN4 ((( CX2SA-S1 ))) iAPRS Network http://www.iaprs.net 11m58s
CX2SA-AB BLN5 DOWNLOAD latest iAPRS servers list at http://cx2sa.org/SERVERS.TXT 11m56s
CX2SA-AB BLN6 New APRSWW Virtual WX station at http://cx2sa.org 11m54s
CX8FS-2 BLN1 ISS over GF15VC:Orbt2568,AOS:28Oct-06:22U,LOS:28Oct-06:33U 1h3m
EA5GFY-15 BLN1 Echolink EA5GFY-L UHF 439.575 Tono 74.4 CARTAGENA [Cobertura 25 Km] 13h54m
G8JBQ-P BLN1 ray g8jbq in south perrott dorset 52m47s
G8JBQ-P BLN2 g8jbq south perrott dorset interested in any 70 cem digital tv contacts to my north 52m17s
G8JBQ-P BLN3 anybody in the bridport and surounding area interested in setting up a local radio club 51m47s
I8ULU BLN1 Attivo Reflector DMR BrandMeister 222-Italy - 435.000 Mhz 1m22s
IQ8NC-11 BLN1 ARI sez nocera inferiore 13h41m
IU5DDT-20 BLN2 tempo in forte peggioramento per la giornata di oggi.Temporali forti sulla Toscana 10h9m
IU8FTL-11 BLN5 test aprsis32 21h5m
K7YVO-15 BLN0 Sandy OR Digi/Igate http://K7YVO.COM 8m36s
KP4DMR-1 BLN5 Hello to everyone here in Puerto Rico with APRS Gateway.73 ' 1m16s
LX6K-10 BLN1 the RL QSL Service :http://www.qsl.rlx.lu/ 16h8m
N7FMH-10 BLN1 Thurs900day! 51s
N7FMH-10 BLN2 Tues220day! 50s
N7FMH-15 BLN1 Thurs900day! 38s
N7FMH-15 BLN2 Tues220day! 38s
N7GWT BLN0 ENARS Friday night Net, 7pm 147.18+ pl114.8 4m32s
N8RSH-1 BLN1 OAARS Monday Night Talknet 8:00PM EST on 146.940 33m50s
PY1BA BLN1 VEM Ai O CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST!- SSB: 29 de outubro - 30 de 2016 16h3m
PY1BA BLN2 VEM Ai O CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST!- SSB: 29 de outubro - 30 de 2016 18h6m
PY1BA BLN4 INICIO:00:00 UTC (22:00 PT2)DE 26/11 13h36m
PY1BA BLN5 TERMINO:23:59 UTC (21:59 PT2)DE 27/11 6h56m
PY6WM BLN1 INICIO:00:00 UTC (22:00 PT2)DE 29/10 6h51m
PY6WM BLN2 TERMINO:23:59 UTC (21:59 PT2)DE 30/10 6h51m
PY6WM BLN4 INICIO:00:00 UTC (22:00 PT2)DE 26/11 6h48m
PY6WM BLN5 TERMINO:23:59 UTC (21:59 PT2)DE 27/11 6h48m
SR5YAM BLN0 Zapraszamy w czwartki g.17:00,QRV:SR5PR,EL:SR5YAM-L(348241) 1h19m
SV2HRT-15 BLN1 DXSpider_Node=sv2hrt.ath.cx:7300_AGWDXCenter_N1MM_Logger32_etc 11h35m
VK2TRL BLN0 ECHOLINK VK2TRL-L (410787) Albury/Wodonga Area on 147.550 Mhz. 15m3s
VK2TRL BLN1 Albury/Wodonga A.R.C. club net on VK3RNE 147.000 Mhz Monday @ 20:00 20m6s
W4MCO BLN0 Ready for check ins for the OCARES Net 3m19s
WXBOT BLN0 WxBot 1.20 US weather forecast via APRS message. 19m43s
WXBOT BLN1 Send a message to WXBOT for a weather forecast at your location. 19m43s
WXBOT BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 19m43s
Announcements (BLNA - BLNZ)
callsign ID message age
9Y4DH-5 BLNW Barataria, 34 C 12m16s
EA5GFY-15 BLNA RADAR 24 Hours Weather via APRS On-Line Web http://qrz.com/call/EA5GFY 13h13m
VK5RHO-1 BLNB Join the Email Group aprs.net.au/mailman/listinfo/ozaprs 8m37s
Other groups
callsign ID message age
F8ARO-AB BLN1FRA Bulletin APRS - France - 10h18m
F8ARO-AB BLN2FRA CQSRVR-FR <=> Service CQ Serveur APRS 10h17m
F8ARO-AB BLN3FRA Envoyer vers [CQSRVR-FR] suivi [CQ groupe texte] 10h17m
F8ARO-AB BLN4FRA MAIL-FR <=> Service Mail APRS 10h17m
F8ARO-AB BLN5FRA Envoyer vers [MAIL-FR] suivi [adresse@domaine texte] 10h17m
F8ARO-AB BLN6FRA QUI-FR <=> Service Annuaire APRS 10h17m
F8ARO-AB BLN7FRA Envoyer vers [QUI-FR] suivi [F indicatif] 10h17m
F8ARO-AB BLNAFRA DMR BrandMeister TG 208 - France - 10h17m
IK3SVW BLN0MAREA Venezia 27/10 min=-5cm@16:40 max=60cm@22:05 min=0cm@03:55 15h15m
IK3SVW BLN1-25 SISMA *Castelfiorentino(Firenze)* ML=3.9 25-Ott 16:53UTC 18h7m
IK3SVW BLN1-27 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.1 Prof=10Km 27-Ott 12:47UTC 9m31s
IK3SVW BLN2-26 SISMA *Tonga Islands* MW=6.0 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 05:19UTC 18h6m
IK3SVW BLN2-27 SISMA *Ussita(Macerata)* ML=3.0 Prof=9Km 27-Ott 13:17UTC 8m1s
IK3SVW BLN3-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=5.4 26-Ott 17:10UTC 18h4m
IK3SVW BLN3-27 SISMA *Norcia(Perugia)* ML=3.1 Prof=8Km 27-Ott 14:09UTC 1h10m
IK3SVW BLN4-26 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.0 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 17:55UTC 18h3m
IK3SVW BLN4-27 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.0 27-Ott 14:37UTC 5m10s
IK3SVW BLN5-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* MW=5.4 26-Ott 17:10UTC 18h1m
IK3SVW BLN5-27 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=10Km 27-Ott 16:14UTC 3m44s
IK3SVW BLN6-26 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.4 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 18:39UTC 18h
IK3SVW BLN6-27 SISMA *Norcia(Perugia)* ML=4.2 Prof=9Km 27-Ott 17:22UTC 2m19s
IK3SVW BLN7-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.0 26-Ott 18:34UTC 17h58m
IK3SVW BLN7-27 SISMA *Fiordimonte(Macerata)* ML=3.4 Prof=9Km 27-Ott 17:27UTC 53s
IK3SVW BLN8-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.2 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 19:00UTC 17h57m
IK3SVW BLN8-27 SISMA *Norcia(Perugia)* ML=4.0 Prof=8Km 27-Ott 17:23UTC 1h3m
IK3SVW BLN9-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.0 26-Ott 19:05UTC 17h56m
IK3SVW BLN9-27 SISMA *Norcia(Perugia)* ML=3.9 Prof=8Km 27-Ott 17:23UTC 1h1m
IK3SVW BLNa-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* MW=4.5 26-Ott 21:42UTC 17h17m
IK3SVW BLNA-27 SISMA *Norcia(Perugia)* ML=3.1 Prof=9Km 27-Ott 18:50UTC 1h
IK3SVW BLNb-26 SISMA *Ussita(Macerata)* ML=3.2 Prof=8Km 26-Ott 22:11UTC 17h15m
IK3SVW BLNB-27 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.1 Prof=11Km 27-Ott 20:10UTC 58m50s
IK3SVW BLNC-26 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.4 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 19:27UTC 17h51m
IK3SVW BLNC-27 SISMA *Monte Cavallo(Macerata)* ML=3.2 27-Ott 20:01UTC 57m23s
IK3SVW BLND-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.0 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 19:37UTC 17h50m
IK3SVW BLND-27 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.0 27-Ott 21:33UTC 55m57s
IK3SVW BLNE-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.9 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 19:25UTC 17h48m
IK3SVW BLNE-27 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.1 27-Ott 23:35UTC 54m32s
IK3SVW BLNF-26 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.8 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 19:43UTC 17h47m
IK3SVW BLNF-28 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=10Km 28-Ott 00:14UTC 53m1s
IK3SVW BLNG-26 SISMA *Fiordimonte(Macerata)* ML=3.2 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 19:54UTC 17h45m
IK3SVW BLNG-28 SISMA *Norcia(Perugia)* ML=3.0 Prof=8Km 28-Ott 01:19UTC 51m36s
IK3SVW BLNH-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.5 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 19:49UTC 17h44m
IK3SVW BLNH-28 SISMA *Acquacanina(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=9Km 28-Ott 01:55UTC 50m6s
IK3SVW BLNI-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.1 26-Ott 19:53UTC 17h43m
IK3SVW BLNI-28 SISMA *Acquacanina(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=9Km 28-Ott 02:33UTC 48m42s
IK3SVW BLNJ-26 SISMA *Ussita(Macerata)* ML=3.4 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 20:03UTC 17h41m
IK3SVW BLNJ-28 SISMA *Acquacanina(Macerata)* ML=3.1 Prof=7Km 28-Ott 02:40UTC 47m12s
IK3SVW BLNK-26 SISMA *Ussita(Macerata)* ML=3.0 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 20:11UTC 17h40m
IK3SVW BLNK-28 SISMA *Fiastra(Macerata)* ML=3.5 Prof=8Km 28-Ott 02:13UTC 45m45s
IK3SVW BLNL-26 SISMA *Fiastra(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=8Km 26-Ott 20:12UTC 17h38m
IK3SVW BLNL-28 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=12Km 28-Ott 02:40UTC 44m18s
IK3SVW BLNM-26 SISMA *Fiastra(Macerata)* ML=3.2 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 20:25UTC 17h37m
IK3SVW BLNM-28 SISMA *Fiastra(Macerata)* ML=3.4 Prof=5Km 28-Ott 03:00UTC 42m47s
IK3SVW BLNN-26 SISMA *Fiordimonte(Macerata)* ML=3.0 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 20:38UTC 17h35m
IK3SVW BLNO-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.3 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 19:34UTC 17h34m
IK3SVW BLNP-26 SISMA *Fiastra(Macerata)* ML=3.4 Prof=6Km 26-Ott 20:04UTC 17h33m
IK3SVW BLNQ-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.1 Prof=10Km 26-Ott 20:06UTC 17h31m
IK3SVW BLNR-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.1 26-Ott 20:41UTC 17h30m
IK3SVW BLNS-26 SISMA *Fiordimonte(Macerata)* ML=3.1 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 20:42UTC 17h28m
IK3SVW BLNT-26 SISMA *Preci(Perugia)* ML=3.7 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 21:24UTC 17h27m
IK3SVW BLNU-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=4.6 26-Ott 21:42UTC 17h25m
IK3SVW BLNV-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.3 26-Ott 21:52UTC 17h24m
IK3SVW BLNW-26 SISMA *Arquata Del Tronto(Ascoli Piceno)* ML=3.0 26-Ott 21:33UTC 17h23m
IK3SVW BLNX-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.0 26-Ott 21:45UTC 17h21m
IK3SVW BLNY-26 SISMA *Visso(Macerata)* ML=3.1 Prof=9Km 26-Ott 21:00UTC 17h20m
IK3SVW BLNZ-26 SISMA *Castelsantangelo Sul Nera(Macerata)* ML=3.0 26-Ott 22:16UTC 17h18m
IZ6RDB BLNEMAREN Adriatico Settentrionale: In atto burrasca da NordEst forza OTTO. 8h53m
IZ6RDB BLNHMAREC Adriatico Centrale: In atto burrasca da NordEst forza OTTO. 9h53m
IZ6RDB BLNKMARES Adriatico Meridionale: In atto burrasca da NordEst forza OTTO. In a 8h53m
LX0APR-2 BLNDIGI Pse use WIDEx-x & LUXx-x only , TNX 5h37m
LX6K-10 BLNALUX http://xlx.epf.lu/xlx270/index.php 58m1s
PY5SG-13 BLN O CRAFI em Foz apoiando tambem os modos digitais... 10m6s
PY6WM BLN VEM Ai O CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST!- SSB: 29 de outubro - 30 de 2016 6h39m
TA2BBS-8 BLNPRMail for None 4m30s
YM2KST BLN1LOCAL Bolge Aprs Frekanslari .... 144.800/432.500 1200bps 20m10s
YM2KY-1 BLN1LOCAL www.sakrad.org.tr 4m21s
YM4KAY BLN USERS Sabitte YM4KAY,WIDE2-2 Mobilde WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 39m27s
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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