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Found 212 targets:

callsign age comment
G8HRA 22m2s
G1ZEU 9m3s.WD 59
G1JEH 1m47s.DsVP
GCLP 56sSpain_Gran Canaria - Canary Islands
GMMC 55sMorocco_Casablanca
G0TVD 3d 7h27mSW Herts RAYNET-UK[:Home (SWH RAYNET)
g4kvi 8m57seCumulusFOs
G4JDO 6d 15h57m.WD
GATE 56d 18h1m
G4GJR 8m52s.WD 232
G7LJA 8m44s.WD 31
G1SAA-5 1seCumulusDsVP
G7HEJ-5 352d 17h37m.WD 166
G7OGX 3d 23meCumulusDsVP
G7GFU 8m58seCumulusDsVP
G4CVN 5m50s.wview_5_17_3
g4rio 16h3meCumulusFO
g7itt 4m6seCumulusDsVP
g4uvb 2m
G3ZSS 100d 12h22m
GM4SUF 3h24m.WD 31
g4mix 24m1seCumulusFO
G6KIZ 5m46s.weewx-3.2.1-FineOffsetUSB
G0WCW 25d 6h15meUlt800
g4kiv 6m46seCumulusWMR200
G4HDU 95d 8h3mhttp://www.g4hdu.co.uk
G4MHJ-1 9m5s.WD 31
G8PBJ 268d 15h49m.wview_5_20_2
G0DJC 72d 4h44m.WD 10
GM4JJJ 6m59s
G4DYR 53s35
G7NPW-1 8m56s.WD 8
GRAFTON 6m57sData Source BoM
GLENINNES 5m57sData Source BoM
G0CFB 2m1s
G4UJS 1m40seCumulusEW
G8LCE 28m47s.WD 4
G7VHJ 106d 9h54m8eCumulusFOs
GW7ERI-1 6m24seCumulusDsVP
GM7DMN 246d 18h54meCumulusDsVP
G1SCQ 10m20seCumulusFO
G4MKI 254d 1h46mxr32 APRS server {UIV32N}
G6HFS-5 25d 4h19m
GW0MMB 8m41shttp://gw0mmb.co.uk/
G7JIF 1m59s
G4TJC 3m53slOww_0.86.6
G6JVT 1d 7h51m0eCumulusFOs
GAHA2 15s
g0scv-13 24m3seCumulusFO
G4KUF 9m25s/FM1100 10W KPC3 {UIV32N}
G4HDS 3d 14h58meCumulusFO
GW4NQJ 3m59s.WD 31
g 15d 8h56m[c6908265
GBK 3m56s.weathertracker2331.6.5
G0CFB-WX 83d 2h13m/G0CFB WX report {UIV32N}
G0BMH-13 4m2seCumulusFO
G4KCM 4m9s.WD 20
G0LFP 4m2seCumulusFO
G4PGO-13 65d 54m
gm0vgi-13 3seCumulusDsVP
G6GUH 9m3seCumulusDsVP
GW4TJC 1m31s
G4YTK 1d 15h28m.DsVP
G4MKI-3 1m50s->HMPTON Greenhill,Herne Bay Weather
GRNSPK-1 2d 12h27m
G4PMB 4m3seCumulusFO
GCEMA 15m50s
G8PXB 1m38s.DsIP
GJ7DNI-13 8m1swx now in st helier jersey ci
GM4WMM-13 8d 16h4meCumulusDsVP
G1TRI 1m48seCumulusDsVP
G4FKI-7 16h22mName Dave , also qrv on 70.45 FM
G4SUH 35seCumulusFOs
G7UOD-WX 25d 15h48m.WD 166
G8YLX-13 9m4seCumulusFO
G6OSR 42d 4hAPRS-IS for Win32
G8DHE-13 41s.WD 62
G0JNH 4m3seCumulusFOs
G4UII 5m11s
GrArber 5m40s>5/-3 10km (SYNOP)
G8TQH-13 17m56seCumulusDsVP
GW3KLB 3m45s.weewx-3.6.0-WMR100
GOVYWX-1 2m22swww.nwac.us N7QME
GOVYWX-2 17m9sSnow Base 090 www.nwac.us N7QME
G8ZHC 3m3seCumulusFO
G3ZIY-13 1m27seCumulusFO
G4KVI-1 19m17shttp//:bumpyhighway.blogspot.com {UIV32}
G6CHO-13 3m57s
G0MGM-1 4m7seCumulusFOs
G4RHR 1d 6h4meCumulusFO
G1BRB-1 3m55sWeather Now {UIV32N}
GN6CW-7 147d 11h34m
G4HBA 10h4meCumulusFOs
GF6ILA 82d 3h19m
G4HDU-WX 34d 14h22m.weewx-3.5.0-Interceptor
G4IOQ 13h12meCumulusFOs
G6UYG-10 3m6sWX3in1Plus2.0 U=14.1V,T=??.?C Rx iGate
G6UYG-13 3m59s.WD 59
GF6ILA-10 16d 14h24mÁ9b101ó9+¿àõ
G4SFS 302d 7h32m/WX report: sun, warm, light wind... {UIV32N}
G7JAJ-1 214d 18h10mQuartz Nell WX {UIVS2N}
GCGH-11 1m5sLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
G4VQZ-3 28d 10h4m.Chichester WX
G7VNN-1 4h32meCumulusWMR100
GM7GAX 181d 6h12meCumulusFO
G6NBK 8m59seCumulusDsVP
G1RPE 103d 5h54meCumulusFO
G4JFK 220d 2h53m.WD 31
GW0NKG 12m20s
GM0UDL-WX 27d 14h16m
GCGH-10 359d 16h58m
G6IF-1 27d 20h42m
G6FSU-1 24m3seCumulusDsVP
G1LGJ 355d 9h4mHome station of G1LGJ & G6NBK {UIV32N}
GRI-1 113d 5h12m.DsVP
G7HEJ5 327d 11h9m.WD 166
GCAH-11 18d 12h51mLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100H
G4OCR 4m3seCumulusDsVP
GCGE-11 278d 1h28mGreene County Geleral Hospital
GCGH-7 243d 20h3mLinton, IN Weathir - Peet 2100
GCGT-11 275d 12h12mtà83d0PY00uLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
GCG-11 272d 6h26mLinton, IN Weathe01- Peet 2100
GJ7DNI-12 4d 1h22mwx now in st helier jersey ci
GMGH-11 272d 9h58mp000Linton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
GCGM-11 262d 8h38mLinton, IN Weather -Æêèdt 2100
GCGH-8 20d 22h4mh/3Linton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
GWGH-11 272d 4h53mtLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
GALPK 4m7sW5,NMn/W5DIG-5 Digi www.urfmsi.org
GD6RSQ 6d 13h34m
G6RZA-13 4m4seCumulusWS2300
G4ZMG 4m3seCumulusDsVP
GCFV 6d 4h47mSpain_Fuerteventura/Aeropuerto
G8LNQ 15d 12h8meCumulusFO
GJ7DNI-11 154d 6h31mwx now in st helier jersey ci
gm4xry 74d 20h8meCumulusEW
GWC-2 97d 4h47m.80W_148/001g003t031r000p000P000h53b10293.DsVPÀÀ
G4OCR-2 109d 12h31mDavis Vantage Vue
G4OCR-3 120d 32mDavis Vantage Vue
G4NDM 25d 7h14meCumulusWMR100
G4OCR-4 35d 1h55mV2
gw3atz 4seCumulusFO
GOOY 6d 4h46mSenegal_Dakar/Yoff
g3NRG-1 101d 17h25m
G7FBD 1h23m7070.VWS-PeetUlt2100
G1EXV 8m25seCumulusFO
GREENV 35d 5h1m.DsVP
G8XFP 4m2seCumulusWMR100
G4MKI-1 81d 23h49mGreenhill, Herne Bay WX
G4MKI-14 42sHerne Bay Weather
G6AVL 1m25s.DsIP
G6B 42d 8h28m
GG6IF-1 35d 2h14mpÓ```ðdd░ñª«P<
GABS 6d 4h47mMali_Bamako/Senou
GBYD 6d 4h47mGambia, The_Banjul/Yundum
GCHI 6d 4h47mSpain_Hierro/Aeropuerto
GCLA 6d 4h47mSpain_La Palma/Aeropuerto
GCTS 6d 4h47mSpain_Tenerife Sur
GCXO 6d 4h47mSpain_Tenerife/Los Rodeos
GEML 6d 4h47mSpain_Melilla
GGOV 6d 4h47mGuinea-Bissau_Bissau Aeroport
GLRB 6d 4h47mLiberia_Grand Bassa, Roberts Field
GMAD 6d 4h47mMorocco_Agadir Al Massira
GMFF 6d 4h47mMorocco_Fes-Sais
GMFM 6d 4h47mMorocco_Meknes
GMFO 6d 4h47mMorocco_Oujda
GMME 6d 4h47mMorocco_Rabat-Sale
GMMI 6d 4h47mMorocco_Essaouira
GMML 6d 4h47mMorocco_Laayoune/Hassan Isl
GMMN 6d 4h47mMorocco_Nouasseur
GMMW 6d 4h47mMorocco_Nador/Arwi
GMMX 6d 4h47mMorocco_Marrakech
GMMZ 6d 4h47mMorocco_Ouarzazate
GMTA 6d 4h47mMorocco_Al Hoceima
GMTN 6d 4h47mMorocco_Tetuan/Sania Ramel
GMTT 6d 4h47mMorocco_Tanger Aerodrome
GOGG 6d 4h47mSenegal_Ziguinchor
GOGS 6d 4h47mSenegal_Cap-Skirring
GQPP 6d 4h46mMauritania_Nouadhibou
GUCY 6d 4h46mGuinea_Conakry/Gbessia
GVAC 6d 4h46mCape Verde_Sal
GAPWX 6m48s
GW0MMB-WX 16h53m
GABG 6d 4h47mMali_Bougouni
GAKA 6d 4h47mMali_Kenieba
GAKO 6d 4h47mMali_Koutiala
GAKT 6d 4h47mMali_Kita
GAMB 6d 4h47mMali_Mopti
GANK 6d 4h47mMali_Nara
GANR 6d 4h47mMali_Nioro Du Sahel
GASG 6d 4h47mMali_Segou
GASK 6d 4h47mMali_Sikasso
GASN 6d 4h47mMali_San
GCRR 6d 4h47mSpain_Lanzarote/Aeropuerto
GFLL 6d 4h47mSierra Leone_Lungi
GMAT 6d 4h47mMorocco_Tan-Tan
GMFK 6d 4h47mMorocco_Errachidia
GOGK 6d 4h47mSenegal_Kolda
GOOD 6d 4h47mSenegal_Diourbel
GOOG 6d 4h47mSenegal_Linguere
GOOK 6d 4h47mSenegal_Kaolack
GOSM 6d 4h46mSenegal_Matam
GOSP 6d 4h46mSenegal_Podor
GOSS 6d 4h46mSenegal_Saint-Louis
GOTK 6d 4h46mSenegal_Kedougou
GOTT 6d 4h46mSenegal_Tambacounda
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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