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Found 224 targets:

callsign age comment
GQPP 362d 13h58mMauritania_Nouadhibou
GUCY 362d 13h58mGuinea_Conakry/Gbessia
G4MKI-14 86d 11h27m
G4MKI-3 67d 22h8m;HMPTON LinBPQ Node on 144.950MHz 1200 bd
G4OCR-4 357d 20h15mV2
G4OCR-3 357d 17h49mDavis Vantage Vue
GB7HC 340d 21h53meCumulusFO
GR-13 320d 6h36m-
G4JDO 7d 21h25mI may be lost but I know where I am
GD 152d 1h8mM MMDVM Hat 435 CC1
GN-5 266d 7h33m
GM-3 261d 21h19m
G7NZY-WX 293d 18h33m
G4PMB 293d 13h54meCumulusFO
GCEMA-11 292d 17h24m
G0AMO-13 288d 11h14m.WD 10
G-10 116d 12h27m
G4DCD-11 279d 1h29m.WD 233
G6JVT 113d 15h51m0x27 via MMDVM
G8PKY-1 275d 8h44meCumulusWS2300
G8UGZ-1 269d 23h4meCumulusWS2300
GL-1 264d 15h44m45.DsVP
G6HFS-5 255d 19h11m
GCGH-7 254d 11h5mLinton, IN@ Weather - Peet 2100
G8PXB 252d 23h38m.DsIP
GW0MMB 81d 15h26mhttp://gw0mmb.co.uk/
G4HDU 242d 55meCumulusFOs
G6CHO-13 240d 3h
G3OUA 227d 10h3meCumulusDsVP
GW0MMB-WX 225d 19h52m
GJ7DNI 56d 12h9mWX3in1Plus2.0 U=13.8V,T=??.?C/??.?F
GCGH-1 213d 19h45mLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
G1BRB-1 213d 10h17mWeather Now {UIV32N}
GM4WMM-13 210d 16h24meCumulusDsVP
G4OCR 208d 8h49meCumulusDsVP
G4KCM 204d 9h44m.WD 20
G4GJR 196d 13h44m.WD 232
GF6ILA-10 191d 22h9m.DsVP
GF6ILA 169d 11h41m
Gate 104d 23h44m{1}NE State Fair
G4TJC 188d 22h44mlOww_0.86.6
G1JEH 184d 17h42m.DsVP
GG6IF-1 151d 6h46m
G6RZA13 168d 2h19m.WD 225
gymell 164d 9h7m
GJ6TTN-1 120d 23h1m
GB7SOU 158d 2h25meCumulusFO
G6RZA-13 156d 17h9m.WD 225
G7UOD-WX 151d 13h44m.WD 166
G4AUL-WX 136d 19h28m98b1159/
G0IMD-4 116d 23h59mOUT IN MY CAR!
GAHA2 124d 16h28m
GM7KMM 5m21swww.polmontweather.co.uk
GM7KMM-1 107d 7h6m
GM7KMM-10 113d 44m.WD 31
G0CFB-WX 21m45sPHG/260APRS-IS for Win32
G4HIE 109d 7h33m
G4227 90d 5h41m
G4574 90d 5h41m
G4559 90d 5h41m
G4558 90d 5h41m
G4575 90d 5h41m
G4560 90d 5h41m
G4572 90d 5h41m
G4582 90d 5h41m
G4564 90d 5h41m
gA6MHA-11 88d 2h50mV126OTW1
g8lnq 86d 21h32meCumulusFO
GU0AYVQ 74d 20h41m
G0CXJ 65d 14h45m
GIqIDE-1 62d 13h49m
G0IMD 14h53mAT HOME!
G0JNH 60d 16h4meCumulusFOs
ggranere 55d 43m.DsIP
GM0UDL-WX 51d 12h56m
G4RIO 2d 21h13mMMDVM ZUMspot 431.0125/431.0125 CC1
GCAH-11 49d 21h9mLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100W
G4UJS 43d 1h25meCumulusEW
GWMSTK-2 41d 14h1mInternal temperature=23 C U bat=2.62 V
G8YLX-13 39d 5h14meCumulusFOs
G6UIM-1 35d 10h28mVantagePro2 + weewx + aprx G6UIM UK
G4KVI-WX 33d 11h9mChris bumpyhighway.blogspot.com {UIV32N}
G0XFW3G 32d 20h41m
G6KIZ 25d 20h11m.weewx-3.2.1-FineOffsetUSB
GD5OF1X 25d 7h41m
G27WKJ 25d 7h41m
GEGUY 25d 7h41m
GMK28 25d 7h40m
GAVJFKI 24d 11h41m
GD6RSQ 16d 12h49m
G4KVI 9h55mWeather @ https://bit.ly/2SmRw5J {UIV32N}
G4KVI-1 8d 14h50mWeather @ https://bit.ly/2SmRw5J {UIV32N}
G7VNN-5 16d 11h19meCumulusWMR100
GABS 14d 15h8mMali_Bamako/Senou
GBYD 14d 15h8mGambia, The_Banjul/Yundum
GCFV 14d 15h8mSpain_Fuerteventura/Aeropuerto
GCHI 14d 15h8mSpain_Hierro/Aeropuerto
GCLA 14d 15h8mSpain_La Palma/Aeropuerto
GCTS 14d 15h8mSpain_Tenerife Sur
GCXO 14d 15h8mSpain_Tenerife/Los Rodeos
GEML 14d 15h8mSpain_Melilla
GCRR 14d 15h8mSpain_Lanzarote/Aeropuerto
GGOV 14d 15h8mGuinea-Bissau_Bissau Aeroport
GLRB 14d 15h8mLiberia_Grand Bassa, Roberts Field
GMAD 14d 15h8mMorocco_Agadir Al Massira
GMAT 14d 15h8mMorocco_Tan-Tan
GMFF 14d 15h8mMorocco_Fes-Sais
GMFM 14d 15h8mMorocco_Meknes
GMFO 14d 15h8mMorocco_Oujda
GMFK 14d 15h8mMorocco_Errachidia
GMME 14d 15h8mMorocco_Rabat-Sale
GMMI 14d 15h8mMorocco_Essaouira
GMML 14d 15h8mMorocco_Laayoune/Hassan Isl
GMMN 14d 15h8mMorocco_Nouasseur
GMMW 14d 15h8mMorocco_Nador/Arwi
GMMX 14d 15h8mMorocco_Marrakech
GMMZ 14d 15h8mMorocco_Ouarzazate
GMTA 14d 15h8mMorocco_Al Hoceima
GMTN 14d 15h8mMorocco_Tetuan/Sania Ramel
GMTT 14d 15h8mMorocco_Tanger Aerodrome
GOGG 14d 15h8mSenegal_Ziguinchor
GOGS 14d 15h8mSenegal_Cap-Skirring
GOOY 14d 15h8mSenegal_Dakar/Yoff
GVAC 14d 15h8mCape Verde_Sal
GOSS 14d 15h8mSenegal_Saint-Louis
GOTT 14d 15h8mSenegal_Tambacounda
GOSP 14d 15h8mSenegal_Podor
G6HHP 9d 1h32mhttps://aprsdroid.org/
G4SUH 11d 15h50m2eCumulusFO
G9VSK 11d 15h3m
GW6FI5N 10d 15h41m
G4IOQ 7d 14meCumulusFOs
G4GVZ-3 5d 5h44mx050H000/ {UIV32}
G7LJA 4d 22h34m.WD 31
G0MBA 4d 10h29m/ {UIV32N}
G6UIM-13 3d 7h48mVantagePro2 + weewx + aprx G6UIM UK
G4MHJ-1 16h52m
GWMSTC-2 16h44mInternal temperature=-2 C U bat=13.57 V
G7UOZ-1 14h16mAPRX2.9.0 6Km radius fill-in digi + weather
G4UVB 13h52m
GAPCON 8h10m11.7V Gapcon digi/WX KI6PPU
G0SCV-13 6h48m.pywws-15.12.0
G1SCQ 1h14meCumulusFO
GTQLQVT 41m41s
G55VJIE 41m21s
GXA00BL 41m19s
GGVHF 41m14s
GM4SUF 29m45s.WD 31
GrArber 25m58s>-6/-6 SN 8/<001 50 (SYNOP)
G4KUF 20m34s/FM1100 10W KPC3 {UIV32N}
GOVYWX-1 12m53swww.nwac.us N7QME
GW0DQW 14m53s.WFL
G6FSU-1 14m48seCumulusDsVP
G4ZMG 14m48seCumulusDsVP
G8XTO 14m48seCumulusFO
G6NBK 14m47seCumulusDsVP
G7NPW-1 9m47s.WD 8
G4MKI 14m45s.WD 232
G1ZEU 14m44s.WD 166
g4mix 14m44seCumulusFO
G4YTK 14m43s.WFL
G4GVZ 14m/ {UIV32}
G6AVL 13m59s.DsIP
G4MKI-8 9m9sBPQ32 Igate V BRIARY Node, Herne Bay, JO01ni | http://www.mb7uek.co.uk | Herne Bay Weather
G7VHX 13m40s
G8HRA 12m41s
G3ZSS 12m41s
GM4JJJ 12m41s
GOVYWX-2 9m48sSnow Base 014 www.nwac.us N7QME
g7itt 4m51seCumulusDsVP
G4LED 4m49seCumulusDsVP
G8UGZ-WX 4m46seCumulusWS2300
G0BMH-13 4m44seCumulusFO
GBK 4m40s.weathertracker2331.6.7
G6UIM 4m23sTorbay APRSIS32 http://aprsisce.wikidot.com WIDE N-n
G7NSJ 9m29s.weewx-3.8.0-Vantage
G6UYG-13 4m24sWX3in1Plus2.0 U=16.4V,T=??.?C/??.?F
G0RSQ 17seCumulusFO
G0CFB 1m16s
GW4TJC 3m34s
G4DYR 9s35
GCEMA 10m59s
G4CVN 6m31s.wview_5_17_3
G7OGX 1m10seCumulusDsVP
G7ONM 1m8s
G3ZIY-13 5m29seCumulusFO
G1OCN-WX 20s
G7FBD-1 5m6s.VWS-PeetUlt2100
G8TQH-13 4m51seCumulusDsVP
G1SAA-5 47seCumulusDsVP
g4kiv 4m47seCumulusWMR200
G0LFP 4m47seCumulusFO
G0MGM-1 4m47seCumulusFOs
G8XFP 4m46seCumulusWMR100
GW4NQJ 4m44s.WD 31
G8YN6G 4m41sRainwiseNet-MKIII
G8LCE 4m39s.WD 4
GW3KLB 4m26s.weewx-3.6.0-WMR100
G4UII 4m5s
g 3m57s.DsIP
G1EXV 3m35seCumulusFO
G7GFU 3m6seCumulusDsVP
G0HWC-WX 59s
GRNSPK-1 2m49s
GM7KMM-13 2m46s.WD 31
G7JIF 2m43s
GOLDWX 2m37s
G4RHR 2m16seCumulusDsVP
G4VRU 2m15sw
GCGH-11 42sLinton, IN Weather - Peet 2100
GCLP 2m4sSpain_Gran Canaria - Canary Islands
GMMC 2m4sMorocco_Casablanca
GAPWX 2m4s
GW7ERI-1 2m3seCumulusDsVP
gw3atz 1m56s
G4SEJ 1m27s
GJ7DNI-13 56sSt.Helier weather DAVISPRO2 PLUS
gm0vgi-13 48seCumulusDsVP
G8DHE-13 43s.WD 15
G6GUH 41seCumulusDsVP
About this site
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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