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callsign age comment
GRNSPK-1 363d 22h21m
GW0014 347d 9h24m.weewx-4.5.1-Vantage
GW0006 347d 3h2mWeatherCatV312B34H1001
GRZZLY 8m22sW2,ORn,Prineville N7CCO
GW0036 315d 22h3m
Gatsby 342d 21h18m
G7NSY-WX 334d 23h4m.weewx-4.5.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0086 332d 7h55m.WD 1
GW9003 330d 21h2m.WD 10
GW0094 330d 15h20mAmbientCWOP.com
g6hmf 329d 20h50meCumulusFO
GW0138 322d 7h23m
GOJAIN 322d 7h2m.DsVP
GW0155 320d 23h45mAmbientCWOP.com
GWMSTC-2 320d 23h33mTurystychnyy prytulok Yavirnyk https://www.facebook.com/yavirnyk
GW0156 320d 22h11m
gC4PEM-14 320d 20h39m
GW0154 319d 21h40mAmbientCWOP.com
GUYRUTHWX 311d 4h41m.DsVP
G0066 306d 15h46maw2092c
GW0129 303d 16h15m
GW2087 297d 18m
GW0307 294d 16h11meCumulusDsVP
GW0303 294d 6h23m
GW0160 291d 21h15mw
GW0227 287d 22h52m.WD 31
GW0234 282d 15h49m
GW4012 273d 23h49mAmbientCWOP.com
GAPQX 273d 23h46m
GW0259 269d 20h49mwDVP.9.1.8
GW3066 268d 5h31mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0462 263d 13h25m.DsVP
GW0295 262d 21h4m.DsIP
GW0430 262d 6h20m.WD 10
GW0001 26d 25m
GW0482 261d 23h27meX320M-V1.02
GO1MH-6 261d 21h55mLora Wetterstation 85625 Großrohrsdorf
GW0477 261d 20h1mAmbientCWOP.com
G7UOZ-13 259d 7h4mPeetBros 2100 & Weewx-4.5.1
GW0037 258d 2h19mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0167 257d 16h19m
GW0510 257d 8h18m
G2HC 253d 9h33meCumulusFO
GW0108 246d 23h17m0.WD 31
G8LCE 244d 23h.WD 4
GW0595 238d 4h21mMiniWX Station YourHomeTown (v1.1f)
GW0593 237d 18h13m
GW0182 236d 21h16m.DsVP
GW0512 232d 1h1m.Acuparse
GW0298 210d 22h45mweewx-4.5.1-FineOffsetUSB
GB4CZ-1 227d 16h17m.DsVP
GW0534 225d 3h19mMiniWX Station Sfantu Gheorghe YO6HEG (v1.1f)
GW0379 225d 1h34m
GW0095 224d 7h9mMiniWX Station Sibiu YO6ZO (v1.1f)
GW0674 222d 6h24m.weewx-4.5.1-BCRobotics
GW0253 220d 23h29m
GW0666 220d 19h14mMiniWX Station Bucuresti YO3LW (v1.1f)
GW0663 220d 10h30mMiniWX Station Sibiu YO6ZO (v1.1f)
GW0487 219d 2h24mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0662 218d 15m
G8UGZ-WX 217d 9h2meCumulusWS2300
GW0646 216d 18h33m
GW0076 211d 11h19m.weewx-3.9.2-Vantage
GW0665 209d 19h44m.weewx-4.5.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GB0BL 209d 3h34mAPRS+WX+CAM ww{.daxenfunk.org
GW0745 205d 3h4m
GW0240 204d 6h50meCumulusFO
GW0304 203d 7h27m
GW0767 201d 20h47m
GW0733 201d 1h41m.WFL
GW0706 201d 1h3m
GW0667 196d 20h38m.PCWS2.99.8E31
GW0785 193d 6h42m
GW0792 192d 23h38m.WD 11
GW0803 191d 2h46mWeatherCatV311B26H31
GW0810 190d 2h25m.WD 10
GW0831 186d 
G8XXM-2 154d 9h59mBME280
GW0839 167d 17h25mt=-4.1C Type=ESP8266
GW0569 181d 2h47m
GW0633 180d 4h55m.WD 10
GW0405 178d 21h4m.WD 10
GW0305 178d 7h23m
GW0856 178d 3h16m
gA6MHA-11 4d 2h7m
GW0153 174d 15h28mWeatherCatV312B34H31
GW0864 173d 21h53mVISR3916 400
GW0216 171d 13h24m.WD 10
G0455 167d 23h9m.WD 11
GW0651 165d 2h39m.DsWLL
GW0650 165d 2h39m.DsWLL
GW0941 159d 22h49m
GWO563 155d 1h54m.weewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW0008 149d 11h48m-228oDtz
G7LA 149d 2h5m.WD 31
GW0847 148d 1h27m
GW1026 147d 9h52m
GW1044 145d 23h33m
GW0096 145d 2h25m5w
GW1063 145d 12m
GW0964 142d 19h33m.DsWLL
GW0972 140d 20h24m.DsWLL
GW0524 137d 16h17m
G1EGZ 135d 3h30meCumulusDsVP
GW0081 134d 12h46m.DsVP
GW1164 132d 19h10m.DsVP
GW1160 130d 44m
G9VSK 126d 16hPp KDvs
GW1215 126d 13h51mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1166 123d 23h55mEsp Wx Station T=26° H=40% P=994
GW0951 123d 23h14m.weewx-4.5.1-Interceptor
GW1231 123d 20h29m.weewx-4.5.1-Simulator
GW1150 123d 4h45m
G0202 122d 16h43m.WD 31
GW0427 121d 17h27m.WD 11
GW1206 119d 22h33mVISR3916 400
GW0744 119d 4h8mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1007 118d 23h58m.WD 11
G6FJI 118d 3h8m.weewx-4.5.1-Interceptor
GW0DQW 117d 20h20m.WFL
GW0511 116d 22h13m73's de Marius - yo6rk!
GW0867 116d 14h5mws(null)
GW0958 116d 7h27m.WD 31
GM0UDL-WX 115d 46m
GW0467 113d 2h47m.DsWLL
GW1138 110d 20h15mws(null)
GW1316 110d 1h39m
GW0689 108d 10h22m.weewx-4.5.1-netatmo
GW1079 107d 21h59m
GW0928 106d 13h31meCumulusDsVP
GW0563 105d 2h19m.weewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW1152 105d 1h19m.DsWLL
GW1314 104d 4h19m.weewx-4.6.0-Vantage
GW1351 103d 21h43mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1357 101d 23h15mw
GW0816 100d 8h1mAmbientCWOP.com
G0CDF-13 99d 23h12mCubecell LoRa WX Station
GW0122 98d 6h30m0
GW1385 97d 1h48m
GW0624 96d 21h34m
GW1397 93d 23h58m.WD 10
G7VHX 93d 14h50m
g7vhj 93d 3h14meCumulusFO
g7vhj-1 92d 22heCumulusFO
GW1247 91d 14h22mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1146 91d 3h54m.weewx-4.5.1-Simulator
G4RIO 91d 2h29meCumulusFO
GW1434 90d 5m.WD 10
GW1153 89d 21h34m.DsWLL
GW1154 89d 21h34m.DsWLL
GW1124 89d 21h33m.DsWLL
GW1155 89d 21h33m.DsWLL
G 30d 14h15mW3,IAN-n
GW1204 86d 1h49m.DsIP
GW1463 84d 22h11mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1487 82d 19h33m.WD 31
GW1459 82d 17h24m
GM4WMM-13 82d 9h35meCumulusDsVP
GW1329 81d 15h11mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0424 81d 2h39m
GW1306 79d 12h4mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1271 79d 7h10m.WD 31
GW0437 78d 21h34m
GW1513 78d 1h31m
GW1352 78d 34mweathertracke1.7.4
GW1000 76d 6h53mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1110 76d 5h45m.WD 10
G8XXM-13 76d 48mProtmex
GW1457 73d 9h33m.WD 225
GW1360 73d 4h8mhb00 wx in test
GW1297 72d 22h4m
GW0198 71d 19h34m
GJ7OO-12 68d 9h15m7.23V WX-Mainz SNR=-6dB RSSI=-85db
GW1587 65d 4h19m
GW1563 62d 16h32mWURELAY
GW0532 61d 23h24m.weewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW1613 59d 23h34m.DsIP
G6NBK 59d 16h50meCumulusDsVP
GW0932 1m7s
GW1295 54d 32mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1645 53d 18h4m.weewx-4.7.0-Vantage
GW1470 53d 2h16mWURELAY
GW1618 52d 35m.DsVP
GW1478 50d 21h1mWURELAY
G4UII 50d 4h19m
g1saa-5 49d 20h5meCumulusDsVP
GW0506 49d 18h29mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1467 11d 15h31m
GW0911 49d 3h57m
GW1664 48d 22h36m.WD 400
GW1666 48d 4h4m.weewx-4.7.0-HP1000
GW1565 43d 2h52mWURELAY
G3VHU 41d 13h5m.WFL
GW0292 41d 2h19m
GW1703 40d 10h59m(v1.1f)
GSPSC 5m50sW4FTK/N4PKT WIDE1 DigiGate - Paris Mtn, SC
G4TNU 39d 4h35mtNonehNoneSWUpy
GW0130 38d 8h20meCumulusFO
GW1649 38d 33mVISR3916 400
GC0CDF-13 11d 18h3mg...t14h...b4371Cubecell LoRa WX StationACCX 24792ACCY 24792ACCZ 24792
GW1732 36d 5h24m
GW4NQJ 35d 22h49m
GW1746 35d 8h31m.DsVP
GW1752 33d 18h26m
GW1532 33d 10h39m.DsVP
GW0425 33d 9h4m
GW1634 31d 3h1m.WD 11
GW1606 29d 19h4m.weewx-4.7.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0809 29d 19h4m
GW1367 28d 23h28m.WD 11
GW1205 28d 21h44m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW1782 28d 14h58mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1781 28d 14h56mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1476 26d 6h6mWURELAY
GD6RSQ 327d 22h25m
GW1158 23d 23h4m.weewx-4.7.0-WeatherLinkLiveUDP
G4MDH 21d 20h31m.DsVP
GW1788 21d 7h7m
GW1176 19d 18h34m.weewx-4.5.1-MQTTSubscribeDriver
GW1097 18d 20h5m
G8DHE-13 17d 23h26m.WD 15
GAPCON 10m44s14.4V Tread Lightly KI6PPU
GW0027 16d 10h50meCumulusFO
GW1592 16d 7h44m.WD 31
G1OCN-WX 16d 7h36m
GW1536 16d 5h49m.WD 10
GW0380 16d 1h44m.weewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW1688 15d 3h52m.WD 11
GW0287 14d 22h4m
GW1601 13d 18h25mWURELAY
GW0513 13d 6h9m
GW0841 11d 21h5m.DsIP
GW0035 11d 11h29m
GW0065 11d 8h4m
GW1776 11d 2h34m.DsIP
GW1839 9d 16h44mweewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0012 8d 3h21m.DsVP
GB7HL 7d 10h21meCumulusFO
GW0024 6d 22h54m.weewx-4.5.1-FineOffsetUSB
GW0246 5d 23h20meCumulusDsVP
G7FBD 5d 50m.VWS-PeetUlt2100
GW0489 4d 5h16m.WD 31
GW0097 4d 2h55m.WD 31
GW1861 4d 1h31m.DsVC
GW0991 4d 1h1mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1860 4d 10m
GW1543 3d 22h15mWURELAY
G4GJR 3d 6h20m.WD 31
GW0059 2d 22h11m.DsVP
GW0168 2d 21h10m.DsWLL
GF6ILA 2d 12h1m.DsVP
GW0939 2d 10h54m
GW1759 2d 6h49m
GW1162 2d 5h28m.WD 31
GW1570 2d 10mWURELAY
GW1281 1d 21h39m.DsWLL
GW1765 4m38sweewx-4.8.0-FineOffsetUSB
GW0580 1d 15h46m
GW0135 1d 15h9m
GW0243 1d 8h10mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1609 1d 4h4m.DsIP
GW1066 22h21meCumulusEcow
GW0385 21h24m.DsWLL
G6UIM-13 21h16m
GW1178 17h27m.WD 11
GW0498 15h1m.weewx-4.7.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0619 9m53sweewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
G7LJA 10h5m.WD 10
GW1849 9h41meRtAwW0
GW0772 9h28m.WD 10
GW1736 5h37mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1027 4h33m.WD 11
GW0341 4h19m
GW0005 4m39s
GW1055 2h15m
GW1614 2h17m
GW1652 1h59m
GW0252 1h59mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1657 1h54meCumulusFO
GW0776 1h40m.weathertracker0311.4.2
GW1803 1h6m.DsVC
GW1838 57m6s.WD 31
Gabcik 58m53sshmu.sk
Ganovce 58m53sshmu.sk
G0WFV 13m38sWaddington Rx iGate
GrArber 47m50s>7/6 REUP 7/052 8/076 >70km A (SYNOP)
GW0862 34m3s4967264
GW1508 36m1s
GW1509 34m17s
GW0458 31m47sAmbientCWOP.com
GW1282 29m45s.weewx-4.6.2-Interceptor
GW1539 19m48s.DsVC
GW1324 19m7sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0449 14m9s.Acuparse
GW0203 14m1sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0618 5m9seCumulusDsVP
G6LTT 25m18seCumulusFO
G6NHU-13 5m7seCumulusEcowitt
GW0285 5m7seCumulusEcowitt
About this site
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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