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callsign age comment
G6UYG-13 4m41sWX3in1Plus2.0 U=14.3V,T=34.6C/94.2F
gC4PEM-11 253d 1h
gC4PEM-8 338d 4m
G7VNN-5 343d 15h28meCumulusWMR100
gC4PEM-7 336d 5h38mhž9
G7USP 1d 10h16mAPRS-IS for Win32
G6NHU 5h10m
GD6RSQ-5 310d 6h23m
G0SCV-13 329d 7h31meCumulusFO
G0MGM-1 277d 5h36meCumulusFOs
GAPCON 1m55s12.6V Tread Lightly KI6PPU
g0hdi 271d 7h19meCumulusFO
GQ4KX 266d 3h49mp°11
G6HFS-5 254d 11h21m
G6AVL 253d 13h55m.DsIP
G6HHP 249d 6h30mFTM-100D via MMDVM
GO2HBA-6 252d 14h41mWetterstation Waldkirchen
GW0DQW 251d 14h26m.WFL
gC4PEM-10 231d 10h22m
G4WGN 223d 18h18m1440MHz 3
GJ7OOM12 226d 6h33m`0 7.28V WX-MainzZ
GN-13 223d 11h24m
G4K-1 224d 15h19m1
G0FFB 147d 13h21mCatamaran Damsis G0FFB-8
GM7KMM-13 206d 16h34m.WD 31
G0RSQ 27d 22h56mSentinel HF SDR noise measurement receiver
G6UIM-13 198d 7h47mTesting
GJ7OO-12 194d 17h3m7.92V WX-NainzZ
G7OMN-13 189d 15h56m/ Live data: https://bit.ly/3048Gw3 {UIV32N}
GDLS40 181d 17h1mAltitude:65m / QFE:1012.51hPa / Tint:20.70°C / RHint:41% // FrmNo:2
G4RIO 122d 12h51m
G4UJS 1m47sAllStar Node 53393, DX Cluster GB7UJS
gA6MHA-11 117d 4h40m
GRNSPK-1 145d 6h12m
GW0014 128d 17h15m.weewx-4.5.1-Vantage
GW0006 128d 10h53mWeatherCatV312B34H1001
GRZZLY 5m30sW2,ORn,Prineville N7CCO
GW0036 97d 5h54m
Gatsby 124d 5h9m
G1EGZ 118d 15h14meCumulusDsVP
G7NSY-WX 116d 6h55m.weewx-4.5.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0086 113d 15h45m.WD 1
GW9003 112d 4h53m.WD 10
GW0094 111d 23h11mAmbientCWOP.com
g6hmf 111d 4h41meCumulusFO
GW0138 103d 15h14m
GOJAIN 103d 14h53m.DsVP
GW0155 102d 7h36mAmbientCWOP.com
GWMSTC-2 102d 7h24mTurystychnyy prytulok Yavirnyk https://www.facebook.com/yavirnyk
GW0156 102d 6h2m
gC4PEM-14 102d 4h30m
GW0154 101d 5h31mAmbientCWOP.com
GUYRUTHWX 92d 12h32m.DsVP
GW0241 88d 4h38m
G0066 87d 23h37maw2092c
GW0129 85d 6m
GD6RSQ 109d 6h16m
GW2087 78d 8h9m
GW0307 76d 2meCumulusDsVP
GW0303 75d 14h14m
GW0160 73d 5h5mw
GW0227 69d 6h43m.WD 31
GW0234 63d 23h40m
GW0122 55d 10h53m
GW4012 55d 7h40mAmbientCWOP.com
GAPQX 55d 7h37m
GW0259 51d 4h40mwDVP.9.1.8
GW3066 49d 13h22mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0462 44d 21h16m.DsVP
GW0295 44d 4h55m.DsIP
GW0430 43d 14h11m.WD 10
GW0001 43d 12h
GW0482 43d 7h18meX320M-V1.02
GO1MH-6 43d 5h46mLora Wetterstation 85625 Großrohrsdorf
GW0477 43d 3h52mAmbientCWOP.com
G7UOZ-13 40d 14h55mPeetBros 2100 & Weewx-4.5.1
GW0037 39d 10h10mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0167 39d 10m
GW0510 38d 16h9m
GW0024 38d 7h35m.weewx-4.5.1-FineOffsetUSB
G2HC 34d 17h24meCumulusFO
GW0524 32d 7h55m
GW0545 29d 17h24m
GW0108 28d 7h7m0.WD 31
G8UGZ-WX 26d 8h43meCumulusWS2300
G8LCE 26d 6h50m.WD 4
GW0561 26d 55mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0096 25d 21h35m5w
G7LA 22d 8h26m.WD 31
GW0532 21d 16h40m.weewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW0595 19d 12h12mMiniWX Station YourHomeTown (v1.1f)
GW0593 19d 2h4m
G9VSK 18d 22h13m
GW0511 18d 6h40m73's de Marius - yo6rk!
GW0182 18d 5h7m.DsVP
G7KID-6 16d 19h30m.DsVP
GW0615 16d 8h13m
GW0512 13d 8h52m.Acuparse
GW0012 11d 12h52m.DsVP
GW0266 10d 20h47m
GW0005 10d 13h40m
GW0569 10d 11h10m
GW0298 5m45sweewx-4.5.1-FineOffsetUSB
GW0329 10d 1h23mAmbientCWOP.com
GB4CZ-1 9d 8m.DsVP
GW0304 8d 21h43m
G8XXM-2 6d 9h50mBME280
GW0534 6d 11h10mMiniWX Station Sfantu Gheorghe YO6HEG (v1.1f)
GW0379 6d 9h25m
GW0287 6d 2h25m
GW0327 5d 23h25m
GW0095 5d 15hMiniWX Station Sibiu YO6ZO (v1.1f)
GW0563 5d 14h35m.weewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW4NQJ 5d 3h39m
GW0118 4d 16h54m
GW0489 4d 8h54m.DsWLL
GW0674 3d 14h15m.weewx-4.5.1-BCRobotics
GW0035 2d 19h7m
GB7HL 2d 16h35meCumulusFO
GW0678 2d 14h52m
GW0675 2d 12h24m
GW0253 2d 7h19m
GW0666 2d 3h5mMiniWX Station Bucuresti YO3LW (v1.1f)
GW0663 1d 18h21mMiniWX Station Sibiu YO6ZO (v1.1f)
GW0633 1d 8h35m.WD 10
GW0204 37sweewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW0135 22h39m
GW0185 26sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0643 11h22m.WD 11
GW0513 10h35m
GW0487 10h15mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0074 10m11s
G4TNU 7h55m
GW0374 4h56meCumulusDsVP
GW0594 4h34mMiniWX Station Sfantu Gheorghe (v1.1f)
G0WFV 5m17sWaddington Rx iGate
G6FSU-1 41m1seCumulusDsVP
GW0458 40m4sAmbientCWOP.com
GrArber 38m42s>2/-1 8/023 55km A (SYNOP)
GW0612 27m20s.DsVC
GW0405 25m55s.WD 10
GW0335 25m48s.weewx-4.5.1-Vantage
GOVYWX-1 25m13swww.nwac.us N7QME
G8HRA 24m
GW0504 23m59s.VWS-DavisVVue
GOVYWX-2 22m3sSnow Base 022 www.nwac.us N7QME
GW0667 18m53s.PCWS2.99.8E31
G6GUH 15m59seCumulusDsVP
GW0216 10m1s.WD 10
Gj7dni-13 14m20s
GW0052 7m34scwMServer
G6LTT-13 13m25shttps://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/ILONDO400
GW0203 13m21sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0363 13m20sAmbientCWOP.com
G6NBK 11m1seCumulusDsVP
GW0130 10m59seCumulusFO
GW0565 2mRaspberry Pi
GW0528 10m53s.DsVC
G4YTK 10m52s.WFL
GW0215 10m49s
GW0416 10m49s
G8PXB 10m48s.DsIP
GW0232 10m46s
GW0443 10m46s
GW0668 10m45s.DsVP
Gotskaya 10m40s.DsIP
GW0268 10m40sRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW0189 10m39s.DsWLL
GW0342 10m39s
GW0075 10m35s
GW0555 10m35s
GW0194 10m34s
GW0031 9m46s
GW0293 10m28s
GW0507 10m28s
g 5m18s.DsIP
GW0137 10m26s
GW0425 10m25s
GW0053 10m21s.DsWLL
GM4ZUK-13 10m19seCumulusFO
GW0151 10m19s
GW0587 10m19s
GW0263 10m18s
GW0324 10m18s
GW0609 10m17s
GW0602 10m16s
GW0686 10m16s
GW0435 10m15s.DsIP
G4GVZ 10m14s{UIV32N}
GW0162 10m10s
GW0007 10m9s
GW0481 10m9s.DsWLL
G7VHX 10m8s
G0UBK 10m7s
GW0286 10m7s
GW0403 10m7s
GW0275 10m6s
GW0418 10m6s
GW0110 10m5s
GW0441 10m4s.DsWLL
GW0271 10m2s.DsIP
GW0115 10m1s
GW0434 10m1s.DsWLL
GW0147 10m
GW0101 4m59s.WD 31
GW0371 4m59s.WD 31
GW0650 10m.DsWLL
GW0207 9m59sL-9999w
GW0023 9m58s
GW0339 4m59s
GW0452 9m58s
GW0560 9m55s
GW0625 9m54s
GW0390 9m50s
GW0098 9m49s.DsWLL
GW0184 9m49s
GW0245 9m49s.DsWLL
GW0597 9m49s.DsWLL
GW0503 9m48s
GW0557 9m48s
GW0119 9m46s.DsIP
GW0213 9m46s.DsWLL
GW0349 9m46s
gw0187 9m43s
ggranere 9m42s.DsIP
GW0020 9m41s
GW0651 9m41s.DsWLL
GW0092 9m40s
GW0274 9m40s
GW0312 9m39s
GW0437 9m39s
GW0543 9m39s
GW0590 9m38s
GW0525 9m36s
G1OCN-WX 4m5s
GW0652 9m35sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0548 9m34sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0083 3s
GW0164 6s
GW0183 9m30s
GW0436 9m27s
GW0102 26s
GW0127 9m23s
GW0388 9m23s
GW0200 4m12s
GW0383 4m14sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0502 4m14sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0438 9m14s
GW0655 4m14sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0679 4m12sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0401 4m1s
GW0011 8m59s
GW0202 4m.WD 31
G7JIF 3m55s
GW0244 25s
GW0427 3m43s.WD 11
GW0306 3m30s
GW0084 30s.DsWLL
GW0424 25s
GW0566 3m27s
GW0066 3m35saw2902c
GW0112 20s.DsWLL
GW0451 20s.DsWLL
G0CFB 34s
GW0664 8m32s
GW0326 19s
GW0551 8m19s
GW0648 24s.DsVP
GW0148 8m9sWeatherCatV312B34H31
GW0368 3m8s.WD 31
GW0093 3m1s.WD 10
GW0580 2m48s
GW0468 7m43s
GW0269 7m42s
GW0544 7m40s
GW0181 2m54s.DsVP
GW0641 2m57s.DsVP
GW0429 2m31s.DsVP
GW0603 7m36s
GW0174 5m8s.DsWLL
GW0604 7m33s
GW0081 2m15s.DsVP
GW3KLB 7m24s.weewx-3.6.0-WMR100
G3ZIY-13 18seCumulusFO
GW0069 2m16s
GW0043 2m14sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0662 2m14s
GW0172 2m9sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0392 2m8sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0480 2m7sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0496 2m6sAmbientCWOP.com
G8DHE-13 7m8s.WD 15
GW0659 2m5sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0672 2m4sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0008 7m6s
GW0343 2m1sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0632 2m1sAmbientCWOP.com
GW0013 1m57sAmbientCWOP.com
G7FBD 7m.VWS-PeetUlt2100
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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