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callsign age comment
GW3016 364d 14h42mAmbientCWOP.com
g7itt 363d 23h42meCumulusDsVP
GW0532 356d 5h50mweewx-4.8.0-AcuRite
GW1407 357d 17h11m
GW3378 356d 20h38m
GW3476 352d 17h34m
GW2910 352d 17h2mWURELAY
GW2277 350d 18h9m.WD 225
GW2154 350d 8h46meCumulusDsVP
GB4CZ-1 346d 8h36m.DsVP
GW3394 343d 17h9mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1205 343d 14h44m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0178 343d 6h41mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0676 341d 16h55m.WD 31
GW2786 341d 8h49mwsambi
GW2256 339d 19h1m
GW0371 339d 15h25m.WD 31
GW2179 339d 9h40m.DsIP
GW3226 338d 14h14meX320M-V1.02
GW3090 335d 3h52m.DsVP
GW1493 334d 8h22mWURELAY
GW3629 329d 17h40m
GW2003 325d 6h23m.DsVP
GW2374 325d 3h37m.DsVP
GW3015 324d 6h50mweewx-4.10.2-MQTTSubscribeDriver
gA6MHA-11 323d 13h43mV130OTW1
GW2136 322d 8h25m
GW1876 319d 23h25mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW0342 313d 16h25m
GW0718 310d 9h9mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3515 308d 2h6m.WD 0
GW2641 307d 17h
GW0820 303d 13h35mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2263 302d 20h4m
GW1110 302d 12h21m.WD 10
GW2640 297d 1h49m
GW0623 297d 47m
GW3511 295d 17h2mr-99999P-99999mUtWX
GW3559 291d 17h41m.DsWLL
GW2189 289d 2h57m.WD 225
GW0167 285d 16h55m
GW2119 285d 45m.weewx-4.10.2-AcuRite
GW0523 284d 21h35meCumulusFOs
GW1643 282d 15h18mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2399 280d 16h52mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0350 280d 12h50m
GW1954 273d 17h20mWeatherBox (3.2.5) wxbox.us
GW3737 273d 15h22m.DsVP
G8CAP-13 271d 10h51meCumulusFO
GW3581 270d 8mAmbientCWOP.com
G 188d 12h3m=00penSPOT4
G4K-1 268d 16h36m
GW1881 268d 15h11m.DsIP
GW2398 266d 1h7m.weewx-4.10.2-Interceptor
GW0184 265d 23h40m
GW3418 265d 17h
GW2472 264d 15h25m
GW2151 264d 10h9m.weewx-4.10.2-SDR
GW2880 263d 7h19mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0452 262d 9h25m
GW1822 261d 12h26mWeatherBox (3.2.7) wxbox.us
GW1090 258d 6h40m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherLinkLive
GW0045 255d 13h11meCumulusFO
GW0928 254d 19h38meCumulusDsVP
G7VHJ 254d 16h22meCumulusFO
GW1688 254d 15h53m.WD 225
GW3704 254d 14h10m.weewx-4.10.2-Vantage
GW2727 253d 16h49m
GW0708 252d 9h55m.DsIP
GW3824 252d 6h42meCumulusDsVP
GW3021 251d 7h5m.WD 400
GW2187 251d 4h14m
GW3075 250d 15h13m
GW2161 250d 10h58mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2550 250d 6h36mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2507 245d 14h25m
GW2404 245d 10h30mAmbientCWOP.com
GW6539 244d 15h11mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1574 242d 15h14mWURELAY
GW3213 240d 4h40m
GW3080 236d 15h40m
GW2909 234d 19h7mWURELAY
GW0794 232d 10h24m.DsVC
GW2201 231d 12h26meCumulusDsVP
GW3045 230d 20h5m.weewx-4.9.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW3233 230d 11h30m.weewx-4.9.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0903 226d 16h8m
GW3292 222d 5h4m.WD 10
GW2782 215d 2h5mweewx-4.10.2-AcuRite
GW3955 217d 8h21m
GHJ 216d 20h17m.DsVP
GW0251 216d 19h39m
G7LJA 210d 15h26m.WD 31
GW3386 210d 10h29mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0024 209d 12h40m.weewx-4.10.2-FineOffsetUSB
GW3694 208d 23m.weewx-4.10.2-MQTTSubscribeDriver
GW1178 206d 21h55m.WD 11
G-13 187d 18h29m0000008b00WEh20wahr
G-3 13d 18h43mS.G.R.A. - APRS - DIGI/I-GATE- VIENNA, GA U=15.0V,T=??.?C/??.?F
GW1810 202d 10h56meCumulusDsVP
GW0566 202d 1h9m
GW2901 201d 19h3mWX Ponte Tresa (v1.0)
GW3741 200d 12h20m
GW0123 199d 12h12mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0456 198d 4h55m.weewx-4.10.2-Rtldavis
GW0621 197d 22h9mWeatherCatV320B364H31
GW0733 195d 18h2m.WFL
GW3530 195d 7h40m
GW0413 192d 11h40m
GW2082 192d 4h31m
GD0SML-13 188d 10h20m
GPM 187d 18h2mAmbientCWOP.com
Gw1852 186d 7h10m
GW0643 184d 12h28m.WD 10
GW0826 184d 6h48mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW2448 183d 11h40m
GW0763 181d 57mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1709 180d 17hAmbientCWOP.com
GW2417 102d 14h55m
GW0134 178d 18h36m
G8WVW 177d 21h26mT#651,032,132,014,002,081,00000000,WIND=S
G8WVW-5 176d 7h11mListening 145.5. www.facebook.com/sailinggabrielle
GC5JIF 288d 21h
GW3969 175d 10h42mAmbientCWOP.com
GM4WMM-10 2d 15h11mAPRS 30m HF
GW3968 174d 11h50mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3052 173d 6h8m.WFL
GW3860 172d 16h45mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2314 116d 17h53mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0016 171d 20h20mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1270 168d 10h51m
GW2610 168d 10h15mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1423 168d 6h58mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3647 167d 18h11meCumulusDsVP
GW1989 167d 14h38m
GW2979 164d 13h15mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1607 164d 9h4mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3689 160d 7h19mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1732 159d 14h27m
GW2139 156d 16h2m
GW3420 156d 12h15m.weewx-4.10.2-WeatherFlowUDP
GW2146 156d 11h85175L....DsIP
GW3056 155d 15h39m.weewx-4.10.2-Vantage
GW0188 155d 8h1mAmbientCWOP.com
G7NSJ-11 153d 15h27mLoRa_APRS_iGate_WX + WX (Batt=4.23V)
GW1816 152d 12h40m.WD 11
GW1580 148d 19h24mWeatherCatV320B364H31
GW2853 148d 16h45m.FOSHKplugin-0.09-EasyWeatherPro_V5.1.3
GW1179 148d 14h19mAmbientCWOP.com
G0WFV 147d 4h10mWaddington Rx iGate
GW049 146d 9h5m.Acuparse
GW1341 145d 13h10m.weewx-3.9.2-SDR
GW1113 145d 12hweewx-4.10.2-Interceptor
GW4059 143d 13h6m.DsVC
G0OCB 138d 23h5mweewx-4.8.0-FineOffsetUSB
GW1877 142d 7h10meX320M-V1.02
GW3054 141d 22h19m.WFL
GW1278 140d 9h54mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2237 140d 7h20m.weewx-4.10.2-Interceptor
GW3833 138d 11h41m
GW4071 138d 5h18mWeatherCatV244B2H166
GW1196 134d 16h45m
GW3998 133d 14h39m.weewx-4.10.2-AcuRite
GW3584 133d 14h26meCumulusEW
GW2605 133d 10h21mWeatherCatV320B364H31
GW2446 130d 7h25m
GW4155 129d 11h31m.WD 225
GW4218 128d 10h50m
GW2795 127d 16h39m.PCWS2.99.9E31
GW1481 126d 16h55mWURELAY
GW0252 124d 22h12mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0172 124d 12h22mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0745 122d 14h37m
GW2029 122d 5h41m.WFL
GW1450 120d 11h44mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW1726 119d 13h10m
GW3627 119d 4h57mcwop.rest
GW2177 118d 16h16mAmbientCWOP.com
GW4197 116d 23h20m
GW0271 115d 9h11m.DsIP
GW4063 113d 8h55m
GW3592 109d 11h4m.WD 10
GW4251 105d 22h19m.WD 10
GW2518 105d 13h4m
GW2959 104d 1h15m.weewx-4.10.2-Interceptor
GW1562 102d 8h4mWURELAY
GW3965 97d 16h11m.DsWLL
GW2384 97d 7h12mw
GW1260 96d 17h42m
GW0964 96d 4h10m.DsWLL
GW2674 95d 16mAmbientCWOP.com
G3ZIY-13 94d 8h1meCumulusFO
GW2286 93d 18h58m
G6UIM-13 93d 7h54mDavis Vantage Pro2
GW3410 92d 13h48mMiniWX Evora by CT2FYQ (v1.1f)
GW0210 91d 10h45mweewx-4.5.1-GW1000
GW0985 89d 17h7m.DsVP
GW2372 89d 15h.DsWLL
GF6ILA 89d 14h45m*4t050.DsVP
GW2615 89d 10h15m.weewx-5.0.0-Vantage
GW0749 89d 33m
GW2972 88d 18h10mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2551 88d 2h31m.weewx-4.10.2-SDR
GW4390 87d 14h16m.WD 225
GW3551 87d 10h20m.weewx-4.10.2-WeatherFlowUDP
GW2025 86d 9h47m.DsVP
GW0911 83d 16h15m
G9COE-11 25d 1h16m
GW2628 82d 2h55m.weewx-4.10.2-Vantage
GW0677 80d 18h10m
GW3973 80d 16h16meCumulusWS2300
GW1564 80d 9h32mWURELAY
GW4378 80d 7h19m.WFL
gw0833 78d 12h41m.DsVP
G6UYG-13 1m24sWX3in1Plus2.0 U=14.9V,T=19.7C/67.4F
GW3502 76d 11h34mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1161 75d 14h25m
GW2351 75d 12h20m.WD 4
GAPCON 75d 8h54m11.5V Tread Lightly KI6PPU
GW0575 74d 4h13m.weewx-4.10.2-WeatherFlowUDP
GW4417 74d 3h52meCumulusDsVP
G0SMP 72d 14h.weewx-5.0.0-WMR9x8
GW4407 71d 9h11meCumulusEcow
GW2094 69d 17h19m73 de YO6RK - Marius
GW4112 69d 1h4mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3092 69d 55m
GW4462 68d 10h14mweewx-4.10.2-tempestWS
GW2893 67d 9h20m
GW0336 67d 5h28mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW2510 66d 17h58mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0152 65d 11h25m
GW2673 64d 15h31mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3238 64d 12h40mweewx-5.0.1-Ultimeter
GW1854 63d 23h19mVISR3920 400
GW1313 63d 19h10m
GW4437 63d 8h2meCumulusEcow
GW3402 62d 9h26mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2751 61d 3h55m
GW3961 60d 10h21mWeatherCatV320B364H31
GW1367 60d 7h44m.WD 11
GW1208 60d 12m
GW3474 59d 10h5m.weewx-5.0.0-Ultimeter
GW3433 59d 10h.weewx-5.0.0-Ultimeter
GW1655 56d 3h50m
G4RIO 54d 19h46meCumulusFO
GW2689 54d 19h26meCumulusEcow
GW1737 54d 9h10mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0TQM-4 53d 15h50mBat=4.01V (86%)
GW2695 52d 21h35m.weewx-4.10.2-Simulator
GW4297 52d 13h19m.WD 10
G0AMO 28d 9h19mMike in Andover UK IO91FF
GW0185 49d 15h48mAmbientCWOP.com
GW4362 48d 7h55m.DsIP
GW0440 46d 16h55m.weewx-4.6.2-WS6in1
GW4031 46d 13h55m
GW1958 45d 23h25m.DsIP
GW4226 45d 12h15m.weewx-4.10.2-GW1000
GW1253 45d 10h11m
GW3414 45d 10h10m
GW3597 45d 6h44m.WD 225
GW4358 44d 16h55m.DsIP
GW3576 42d 14h53m.weewx-4.10.2-WeatherFlowUDP
GW1609 42d 13h39m
GW3630 42d 12h6m.DsWLL
G4331 42d 11h40m
GW4039 41d 10h45mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2744 39d 15h21mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2811 39d 10h24mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0005 38d 15h55m
GW3094 38d 7h10m
GW1426 37d 13h8m
GW0097 37d 10h31m.WD 31
GM0UDL-11 26d 8h42mLoRa APRS with Shack WX
G6NHU-13 35d 14h59meCumulusEcowitt
GW4565 35d 12h14mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1948 34d 10h29mAmbientCWOP.com
G0BMH-5 33d 21h12mG0BMH Weather Station
GW0182 33d 10h42m.DsVP
GW2625 32d 22h47m
GW0449 32d 22h5m.Acuparse
GW2356 31d 12h59mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW1345 31d 5h7m.DsVP
GW4363 30d 18h10m.DsIP
GW3374 30d 4h7m
GW2699 29d 5h16m
GW2721 27d 17h25m
GW2108 27d 8h55m
GW3218 27d 3h55m
GW4052 26d 15h15mweewx-5.0.2-netatmo
GW3611 25d 17h40m
GW0039 24d 15h4mAmbientCWOP.com
G9JDN 24d 9h29m
GM5DNA-11 9d 17h41mLoRa APRS iGate | 433.775 MHz | BW 125k | SF 12 | CR 5
G0PFX-8 86d 1h1m
GW1736 22d 15h41mAmbientCWOP.com
GW4560 22d 12h41m
GW4027 22d 8h35meCumulusEcow
GW0908 22d 55m7L....DsWLL
GW4124 21d 9h39mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2494 21d 9h8mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0TQM-3 21d 8h9mman + wx Bat=3.81V (61%)
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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