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callsign age comment
GW1400 363d 12h37m.WD 10
GB3HL 363d 9h59meCumulusFO
GW1978 360d 11h6m
G1367 359d 20h42m.WD 11
GW1505 359d 14h49mBDRC/W5WIN Weather Node in El Paso Texas
GW1937 357d 9h7mAmbientCWOP.com
G4DYR 356d 8h41m35
GW0074 354d 22h6m
GW0008 353d 12h31m-228oDtz
Gabcik 350d 16h16mshmu.sk
Ganovce 350d 16h16mshmu.sk
GW2030 348d 11h57mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2048 343d 18h45m
GW1818 342d 16h12mRaspberry Pi
GW0999 341d 10h53m.weewx-4.8.0-Vantage
GW0024 340d 20h51m.weewx-4.8.0-FineOffsetUSB
GW1969 338d 14h3m.WD 11
GW1061 337d 18h27m.weewx-4.8.0-GW1000
GW2086 335d 7h16mAmbientCWOP.com
G0424 332d 15h56m
GW0424 332d 14h51m
GWo424 332d 13h16m
GW0612 329d 14h8m.DsVC
GW2115 326d 19h9m.WD 31
G1SAA-5 324d 13h12meCumulusDsVP
GW2098 323d 3h25m
GW0541 322d 18h30mAmbientCWOP.com
GD9RK-7 320d 18h12mB=4.06 a=t367.6° 48.38747 13.34806 1.08 0367J
GW1947 319d 7h35m.WD 225
GW0988 315d 15h22m.weewx-4.5.1-Vantage
GW0012 308d 16h39m
GW1249 314d 14h7m.DsWLL
GW1089 314d 6h.WFL
GW1870 313d 11h48m.weewx-4.8.0-GW1000
GW1489 310d 6h2mWURELAY
GW2186 310d 5h41m.WD 60
GW0680 309d 15h51m.DsWLL
GW0827 308d 13h37m
GW1074 305d 22h13m.WD 31
GW1884 305d 2m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW1928 304d 13h22mAmbient APRS
GW0862 304d 11h45m4967230
GW0241 304d 11h6m
GW1993 302d 11h29m
GW1971 299d 5h51m.weewx-4.7.0-AcuRite
GW0899 295d 15h2m
GW1858 294d 9h32m
GW2246 292d 19h50meCumulusEcow
GW2270 291d 14h3mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0017 291d 1h27m
GW2226 287d 19h8m.DsVP
GW2264 286d 6h42meCumulusEcow
GW0286 285d 20h51m
GW1832 263d 16h30mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0647 276d 5h21m.DsIP
GW0793 275d 10h37m
GW0443 275d 9h35m
GW2339 275d 5h32m
GW2343 274d 5h36m
GW2329 271d 14h29mAmbientCWOP.com
GSPSC 3m7sW4FTK/N4PKT WIDE1 DigiGate - Paris Mtn, SC
GW2293 269d 13h58mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0438 268d 13h36m
GW2360 266d 9h56m.DsWLL
GW2080 263d 12h45mWeatherCatV313B155H31
G7JIF 263d 1h
GW2359 260d 10h56mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2135 259d 19h22m.weewx-4.8.0-SDR
GW0076 259d 11h22m.weewx-3.9.2-Vantage
GW2396 257d 22h40mh(böLZ1ACR
GW1371 255d 16h21m
GW2391 255d 14h17meCumulusWMR100
GW2353 254d 11h49m.weewx-4.8.0-FineOffsetUSB
GW2057 253d 17h51mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0619 249d 19h52mweewx-4.5.1-AcuRite
GW2431 248d 17h19m
GW7ERI-1 247d 17h49meCumulusDsVP
GW2361 246d 20h46m.WD 225
GW1108 245d 23h44mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2450 245d 12h29m.DsVP
GW0577 242d 13h33m
GW3ATZ-13 239d 20h13meCumulusFO
GW2371 234d 23h20mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0170 234d 19h20mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW0102 234d 17h46m
GAPQX 233d 19h20mOTW1|
GW2531E 230d 15h17m.weewx-4.8.0-Vantage
GW2453 229d 1h57m.WFL
GW2460 228d 6h24m
GW1713 227d 15h22meCumulusTmpt
GW1688 224d 9h59m.WD 11
GW2588 219d 19h22m
GW0498 217d 22h24m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0767 217d 18h58m
GW2587 217d 17h36m0eMB42
GW1770 216d 19h30mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1743 215d 17h51m
GW0309 215d 12h35mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2614 214d 10h46m.weewx-4.9.1-Vantage
GW2580 213d 19h33mKN26CC, alt. 288m
GW1889 213d 11h28mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2541 212d 19h21meCumulusEcow
GW2560 212d 6h22meCumulusAmbt
GW2407 211d 17h56m.weewx-4.8.0-Interceptor
GW1790 206d 8h44mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2643 206d 35mMiniWX Station .:.Velestino.:. (v1.1f)
GW2649 205d 12h48m.WD 26
GW2286 203d 20h54m
GW0164 200d 16h31m
GW2676 199d 6h41m.WD 31
GW2679 198d 7h22m
G9VSK 197d 34mKDvó
GW2150 195d 11h41mVISR3918 400
GW0329 192d 19h23mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1903 191d 17h22m.DsVC
GW2257 191d 15h3m
GW2718 186d 9h8m.weewx-4.9.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW2710 185d 14h34mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0932 185d 1h56meApacheDsV
GW2689 184d 10h27meCumulusEcow
GW1536 180d 12h16m.WD 10
G6FSU-1 179d 1h7meCumulusDsVP
GW1803 176d 23m.DsVC
GW2780 176d 9h23mb-65969
GW1047 175d 12h15mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2766 174d 14h26m
GW1970 173d 15h47m.weewx-4.8.0-AcuRite
GW1606 172d 3h37m.weewx-4.9.0b1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0660 170d 16h22m.weewx-4.5.1-WeatherFlowUDP
GW1817 167d 15h23mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0105 167d 11h42m.WFL
GW2852 164d 5h.WD 10
GW1069 162d 9h4m.DsVP
GW2346 160d 8h43mAmbientCWOP.com
G0PFX-8 55d 6h18m
GW2813 158d 5h7m.weewx-4.9.1-MQTTSubscribeDriver
GW1142 157d 16h29mAmbientCWOP.com
G4GJR-2 157d 15h26m
GW0328 157d 13h47mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2908 157d 11h29m68mUtWX
GW2938 155d 13h52m
GW0POA-8 151d 20h2meCumulusFO
GW2901-1 151d 12h34mWX Ponte Tresa (v1.0)
GW0834 150d 13h6m
GW1563 147d 21h57mWURELAY
GW2095 147d 5h4meX320M-V1.02
GW2793 146d 1h47meCumulusDsVP
GW2552 145d 11h16m
GW2948 145d 6h49m.WD 11
GW0538 144d 14h34m.WD 31
G8WVW-9 144d 2h37mListening S20 & GB3GD. www.facebook.com/sailinggabrielle
GW2970 144d 1h13mAmbientCWOP.com
G8WVW-8 143d 20h7mListening S20 & GB3GD. www.facebook.com/sailinggabrielle
GW2928 143d 8h6m.DsWLL
GW1110 141d 11h2m.WD 10
G0BMH-14 138d 19h29mG0BMH Weather Station
GW0023 138d 14h21m
GW1866 138d 12h19m.Sint Wind PI - 01.25.95
GW3046 138d 1h46m.WD 225
GD0SML-13 138d 54m
G6HHP 122d 12h49mStan QTH STAFFORD - {UIV32}
GW3048 137d 12h14mcwMServer
GW2595 137d 8h46m.weewx-4.9.1-AcuRite
GW2060 137d 2h59mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3058 136d 15h13mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3059 136d 14h58mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0990 136d 6h21m.DsWLL
GW1148 136d 6h12mg003.pws-monitor-.2
GW1131 135d 4h28mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3064 133d 22h53m.WD 400
GW1759 132d 23h22m
G0BMH-4 132d 20h56mG0BMH Weather Station
G7FBD 130d 10h14m.VWS-PeetUlt2100
Gotskaya 126d 9h21m.DsIP
GW1176 125d 7h44m.weewx-4.10.1-MQTTSubscribeDriver
GW3123 124d 14h31m.DsIP
G0HWW-13 124d 8h42m.weewx-4.8.0-HP1000
GW2981 124d 6h7meCumulusEcow
GW2740 123d 12h48m
GW1324 121d 5h40mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1647 120d 4h21m.DsWLL
GW3141 119d 21h45mBresser 5:1 WX Station - Node-Red & Home Assistant
GW1406 114d 18h6m.WD 10
GW1313 114d 17h51m
GW2111 113d 10h28m
GW3075 113d 10h18m
GW3176 112d 15h21m
GW1772 109d 8h27m.weewx-4.9.1-MQTTSubscribeDriver
GW2657 107d 17h55m
GW1317 107d 10h41m
GW2303 105d 12heX320M-V1.02
G4CVN 103d 19h32m.weewx-4.10.2-Vantage
g0BJ 96d 23h47m/STC IÇ@TE8* WX
G9JDN 96d 19h38m<P 8 KDvs
GW1703 96d 17h16m(v1.1f)
GW3246 94d 7h17m
GW3273 93d 2h49m.WD 10
G4KVI-13 92d 11h45meCumulusEcow
GW1848 92d 9h37m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW2265 91d 15h15m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW3272 90d 21h37m.DsIP
GW0805 90d 1h43mAmbientCWOP.com
GW0925 86d 13h6m
GW3291 86d 8h51m.WD 225
GW3277 85d 16h40m.WD 10
GW3311 85d 3h5m.WD 10
GW0772 85d 1h10m.WD 401
GW3314 84d 4h37mweewx-4.10.2-GW1000
GW1968 83d 15h24m.WD 11
GW0368 82d 18h51m
GW0040 82d 12h59mAmbientCWOP.com
GW3321 82d 11h7mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2406 79d 13h21m4949eMB55
GW3317 78d 12h25m.DAVIS PRO2+ 31
GW0454 78d 11h10mAmbientCWOP.com
GW2803 77d 16h56m
GW2888 76d 20h32mWURELAY
GW1836 76d 3h57m
GW3145 74d 2h38mEstacion Metereologica V1.12
GW3358 73d 16h15m
GW1580 72d 5h58mWeatherCatV313B155H31
GW0523 66d 36m.weewx-4.10.2-FineOffsetUSB
GW0028 64d 17h56mweathertracke1.7.4
GW3290 63d 7h17m.WD 0
GW1208 62d 20h20m
G8WVW-5 60d 23h22mListening S20 & GB3GD. www.facebook.com/sailinggabrielle
GW0785 61d 4h54m
GW0052 59d 11h41mcwMServer
G4MHJ-13 56d 23h26m
GW1740 56d 16h15m.weewx-4.10.2-Vantage
GW1204 56d 11h6m.DsIP
G4RIO 55d 13h47meCumulusFO
G4MHJ-2 54d 20h8m
GW3412 54d 16h36m
GW3016 53d 14h53mAmbientCWOP.com
g7itt 52d 23h53meCumulusDsVP
G7ONM 52d 22h33m
G7LJA 52d 15h52m.WD 31
GW0532 45d 6h2mweewx-4.8.0-AcuRite
GW1407 46d 17h22m
G6UIM-13 50d 16h40m
GW2233 48d 8h46meCumulusEcow
GW3378 45d 20h49m
GW2665 42d 8h36m.MPE
GW3476 41d 17h45m
GW2910 41d 17h13mWURELAY
GW3410 41d 8h37mMiniWX Evora (v0.9)
GW2277 39d 18h20m.WD 225
GW2154 39d 8h57meCumulusDsVP
GW0291 36d 13h27m.weewx-4.10.2-AcuRite
GW2518 36d 7h49m
GB4CZ-1 35d 8h47m.DsVP
GW0563 35d 8h47m.weewx-4.10.1-AcuRite
GW2640 33d 16h42m
GW3394 32d 17h20mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1161 32d 15h37m
GW1699 32d 15h11mWURELAY
GW1205 32d 14h56m.weewx-4.8.0-WeatherFlowUDP
GW0178 32d 6h52mAmbientCWOP.com
GW1387 32d 6h26m
GW0206 32d 1h7m
GW3292 31d 8h25m.WD 10
GW1802 31d 4h31m
GW0676 30d 17h6m.WD 31
GW3110 30d 10h10meX320M-V1.02
GW2786 30d 9h1mwsambi
GW1514 29d 20h9m
GW1952 29d 5h5m
GW2256 28d 19h13m
GW0371 28d 15h36m.WD 31
GW2179 28d 9h52m.DsIP
GW3226 27d 14h25meX320M-V1.02
GW0326 26d 21h26m
GW0911 25d 16h24m
GW0468 25d 11h3m
GW3090 24d 4h4m.DsVP
GW2821 21d 13h13mweewx-4.10.2-Interceptor
GW1655 3m22s
GW1493 23d 8h33mWURELAY
GW0118 19d 19h6m
GW3629 18d 17h52m
GW1484 6m54s
GW1877 17d 10h26meX320M-V1.02
G8LNQ 16d 20h52m
GW0456 16d 11h42m.weewx-4.10.2-Rtldavis
GW3037 15d 16h37m
GW0698 14d 15h37m
GW2003 14d 6h34m.DsVP
GW2374 14d 3h49m.DsVP
GW0005 13d 15h51m
GW3015 13d 7h1mweewx-4.10.2-MQTTSubscribeDriver
gA6MHA-11 12d 13h54mV130OTW1
GF6ILA 12d 7h10m.DsVP
GW2136 11d 8h36m
GW1667 5m2sAmbientCWOP.com
GW2792 9d 5h17mWeatherCatV320B364H31
GW1876 8d 23h36mRainwiseNet-MKIII
GW3537 8d 11h22m
G6RZA-13 1m25sweewx-4.3.0-MQTTSubscribeDriver
GW0823 7d 20h6m
GW1609 7d 13h52m.DsIP
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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